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Electronic transcript from microfilm by Cathy Beatty Berglund and Benson Young Parkinson, 2002. Ocean voyage based on FamilySearchTM Mormon Immigration Index CD, with extensive corrections by Benson Parkinson. Editorial comments by me are in all capitals in square brackets. Cathy and the CD transcribers inserted some dates and personal and place names in mixed case in square brackets, and I've retained these. When I couldn't read a word I made a stab at the letters and placed those in square brackets. Occasionally I've included a conjectural reading in mixed case, sometimes followed by a question mark, in square brackets. ^Carrats^ indicate an in-line insertion by the author. I haven't made an effort to identify people, towns, or addresses from other sources---that might clear up some of the difficult readings. --BYP

[title page, handwritten]

Henry Hobbs Journal for 1859


[p. 2, left hand page, first page with diary entries on film]

the church she desired to know the name of the Ship I am going to sail in and what the charge is as she is desirous to go to Deserett. Mother writes & says the Sudden & important news which was Contained in my letter so overcame her that it was some time before she could collect her feelings She said she had anticipated going with me But as the Lord had ordered it other wise we must submit to his Superior wisdom. Spent the day writing Thursday the 17 of March left early in the morning for Work house got wet through. Spent a comfortable time with sister Reeddie & her daughter behaved very kind to me on my way home red conciderable on the Roman Empire. Friday the 18 of March Pastor Wallace arrived from Newcastle & gave me instructions to write to £ pool [Liverpool] concerning my Wedding. Bought a pair of pants

[p. 3]

1 pair of shoes at Mr. Sewtherwait He desired a kind remembrance to Appleton harman Satturday the 19 of March received a letter from Sister Bellman stating that I had sent my message one day to late this was in relation to our marriage our names should have been registered 21 Dayes previous to our marriage taking place; me & Pastor Wallace then went to the church Clerk & found oute that if we were asked in church 3 Cleear Sundays that was quite sufficient we then dispatched a message by Magnetic Telegraph which consisted of 22 words & cost 2 shillings our adresses cost nothing: the words were as follows. go to the Clerk of the church of England get the Bands published tomorrow & following Sundays: do not delay: we then went down to Mr. [Head] the Banker: & preached the gospel to all the servants Sung some Mormon

[p. 4]

songs & partook of the bountys of the earth. Sunday the 20th of March got up early & spent Several hours straitning the Books ready for the Auditers: then went with P Wallace to the council meeting: the Bretherin Presented me with a testimonial: in the Evening a large number of the members of the reading room came to hear my Lecture on the gathering of Israel. I had no time Through the weak to Studdy my Subject & consequently was a little lost But nevertheless I felt well & told them many Truths and bore a faithful Testimony: Pastor Wallace Spoke very Beautiful on the persecutions of the Saints & cetra he bore a faithful testimony: the strangers felt well & Desired to know why we did not Take up a collection, as they desired to assist him a little. Monday the 21 of March received a letter from Sister Jane

[p. 5]

Stating that we could be married at the time appointed in my letter: She had received a letter from her mother stating that it was like a dream that she was going away to a foreign land & asks if she has any friends to go to where she is going: I also received a fine spirited Letter from Mrs. Linstrum She desired to know if she took a little capital with her trade if she could do pretty well in the vally: this afternoon P. Wallace left for Newcastle when I arrive home from the Station I found Mary Lindsey with some nice preserves for me to Take on the sea: in the Evening went to hear the Browsel family perform on the violin then went with Mrs. Lindsy & and her cousin to Grahams took a little refreshment then wrote down to Mr. Neals: Tuesday the 22 arose early & wrote

[p. 6]

in my journal then went to the Station to meet Br Henry Barnett my successor we spent the Day together Making up our quarterly report. Wedensday the 23 of March me and Brother Barnett went to Thursby and Back we spent a pleasant time with the Saints paid 17/ for a ham to brother Trimble & Brought it home it was 2 stone all But a pound & gave us a Sweatting before we got home. Attended council meeting gave what instruction where necessary & Dismissed Thursday the 24 of March rectifying Church Books in the afternoon paid a visit to Mr Heads the Band from the reformatory came on my account & played some good tunes Mrs. Lindsey gave me a tin case of eggs to take on the Sea. I spoke to them for a short time bore my Testimony & bid them good bye Friday 25 of March auditing the Books did some

[p. 7]

Business then left for Dalston. Brother Adams gave me a pair of Trousers & gaters for the plains came back to Carlisle Satturday the 26 of March at home most of the day writing & cetera Sunday the 27 of March wrote aboute 500 & 50 Lines to Mr Linstrum on the faith & Doctrins of the Saints attended meeting in the afternoon spoke to the Saints for a short time they felt well in what I said in the Evening B. W. Barnett Spoke on the first principles I think never Laughed more in a meeting than I did at this time for the peculiar attitudes which he placed himself in was enough to cause mirth in any man: took tea at Brother Blains with Walker wrote a letter to Walker's friends in Deserett Monday the 2d wrok on Article for the Star on the vallue of good ["health" CROSSED OUT] reading Tuesday ^29^ Packed up my things assembled at night with the Saints for the Last time Sung Some

[p. 8]

Songs & recited Some pices of Poetry & left them in good Spirits: Wedensday the 30th of March Took Breakfast at Sister Blains & then left by the 10 o clock Train for Silloth Silloth is becomming a flourishing little place [WORD CROSSED OUT, MAYBE "For"] got on Board the Packet left at 11 o clock for Liverpool was not Sick all the way but felt that way inclined; preached to the passengers & sung them O ye Mountains High which they very much approved of as soon as I got through with my song the sea became rough & one Irishman said I was the cause of it: we landed at half past 10 P.M. the Head ingineer told me the packet was Sailing at 11 miles per hour when we were comming we passed by white heaven & St Bees aboute 70 miles from £ pool by water: paid 1/6 to have my things taken to my lodgings: was received very kind by Mr. & Mrs. Wardlams

[p. 9]

not in our church but relations of Brother Blains in Carlisle 27 Church st Wardlams address is 7 Court West Coundery St £ pool near to Scotland road Thursday the 31 of March Left Early & went to 42 [LSlington] Saw Brother Calkin Williams Graham Perkins they were very [throng] at the office making preparations for the emigrants a ladey by the name of [BLANK] came in & had some conversation with the Bretherin & Said she was never so happy as when She was in the Church & doing her Dutey they were doing well in relation to this worlds goods But Still there was that Hankering after the Saints She had Either a friend or a Sister Married to D Spencer But she said she did not Like the Idea of the mother being married to him as well She spoke of their being in America with 6 waggons or Eight & of their going to start on the plains but altered there minds

[p. 10]

on account of hearing so many Bad reports she said when Orson Pratt was with them to refute those reports they could do but that when they were left to themselves these reports overcame them Spent an hour or so with Sister Bellman at Mr Roggers him & his wife Janes sister Behaved well to me they are very nice People indeed. Friday the 1 of April 1859 wrote some in my Journal then went to dinner at Mr. Roggers Prayed to the Lord to Direct me what to say to Janes Friends Brought 1 yrd & 1/2 of india rubber wrapping it cost 5/6 pence & 2 grose of pensil 1/6 & 1/2 they would have cost 1/ Shillings more only I told them they were to sell again Satturday ^2nd of April^ the weather was quite damp & wet Spent the fore noon writing After I had got a Bathe from head to foot Mrs [Ludlow] gave me a good dinner May the lord Bless her for it. Sunday the 3rd of April to day my Brother William arrived from Cheltenham

[p. 11]

in the fore noon attended meeting in the assembly rooms Greate Georges Street £ pool Bore my testimony & Spoke for a Short time: we had short Speaches from Brothers Woodward of Switzerland Brother Oliver Pastor of the £ pool Conference Brother McGie they spoke on emigration & Said no persons were to waite for Charles William nor no one else to help them to zion But go to & use their Utmost exertions to help them Selves in the afternoon Took Dinner with Brother Perks Butcher & Br Woodward in the heavening went to meeting & heard Br Woodward preach Monday the 4th of April ^was^ married Sister Jane Bellman at St Silas Church Penbrook Place: by the reve Mr. Green Took Breakfast at Mr. Joseph Roggers 90 Devan Street £ pool ["went at to day sister" CROSSED OUT]

[p. 12]

Tuesday the 5th of April went with Elder Olpin to the Waterloo Station to see for his Luggage then went with Sis Tufley & Boothe to see aboute their Tin ware. Wedensday the 6th of April hired a cart & Took my luggage down to the Bramley Moore Dock to go in to The William Taps Cott got acquainted With Sister Woodward her & her son [BLANK] from London Went up in Town & fetched my wife & Sister Davis on Board the William Tapscott her Sister Mary & Brother [BLANK] Came on board for a few moments then left to Day received 2 Letters one from Lindsey & the other from Mrs. Lindstrum of Hull wile in £ pool I went to see a Panoramick View of the plains & the Salt Lake City by a Brother in the Church. I also went to see a company of Niggars Thursday the 7 of April

[p. 13]

Spent most of the day on Board the Ship went on shore to do some shopping for Several of the Sisters & returned by the Packet Spent a comfortable evening with the Saints Friday the 8th of April Several of the Brethrin where Taken Up by the Pollice for Leaving their Families today we received instructions how to proceed on our way we were told to be on in Bed by 1/2 9 or 10 & a gaurd to be appointed to watch the sailors to see that they did not infringe on our rights also that we have prayers at 8 in the Morning & 8 at Night; Brother Nelsin was appointed Captain & Brother Boyd & Harrison as his councellors the ship was Divided in to 10 Wards: Brother George [D.] Keaton was appointed president over the 1 cabbin Brother Henry Olpin over the [BLANK] & Brother Henry Hartley over the Batchelors Hall

[p. 14]

we where told not to go on the poop Deck neither to Bother the Sailors While they where attending to their duty & we where especially requested to Tak a good Stock of patience & bear with each others frailtys & this in my experience is a wise course to adopt: as those who have not got a Sufficient portion of it will soon be filled with an evil Spirit & Loose the good one: a Proclamation was red to the Saints By Brother Williams Stating that if we would be obedient to the one appointed to Lead us we should be Blest & prospered on our Journey: Satturday the 9th of April we where up soon after 5 A.M. & Cleaned our birth & we where then called on Deck to be examined I went but had to go Back for my Wife. Several of the Danish Saints where

[p. 15]

[NOTED AT TOP: "Ammount of food allowed to each Adult on Shipboard"]

Taken on Shore because they where not considered to be well at night or Just before it was Dark they where Brought on Board again By Brothers Widderbourgh & Williams to Day we received our Supplys of food 1£ of Pork for each adult 1£ of flower 3 1/2 £bs of Biscuit 11/2 oatmeal 1 1/2 of Beef 1 1/2 of rice 1 1/2 of peas 2 £bs of ["Flower" CROSSED OUT] Potatoes 1£ of Suggar, 2 oz of Tea 2 oz of Salt 1/2 of mustard 1/2 oz of Pepper 1 gill of vinegar: our water we receive every morning 3 qrts of water Daily is allowed to each adult yesterday I wrote a Letter to Mr. Roggers on the conduct of the Saints & cetera to Day Prest Calkin Ross Budge Williams McGie Graham & many others of the Brethren went asshore after Bidding us good by we Hurraded them & cetera quite a number of the Brethren enrolled

[p. 16]

themselves as saylors to oblige Capt Bell they only appeared in order to give Satisfaction to the Doctor & cetera Spent considerable of My time in my appartment nailing & making things fast for the rocking of the ship wrote considerable in Journal wrote to Mother & cetera Satturday the 10th of April the Band was organized & Brother John Scoffield [Schofield] was appointed Prest over them they played Several tunes to commence with in the afternoon Brothers Williams Woodward & Williamson left us for good to go on Shore we gave them a good Song & Hurrayd them: in the afternoon Brother Roly Spoke to some length & said he never Saw Better order on Board of a ship & testified that if we would be obedient to those over us we Should be gathered in Safty to New York

[p. 17]

Broth Harris [Harries] Spoke & Said he did not know much aboute preaching But would do his best he said he had been brought up a Millar up till the Time that he heard the Morm he then went to Zion & was sent Back on a mission but Said he Thought it would have been an Hundred years before he could have been prepared for the position which he now held as counsellor to Prest Neslin he Said he rejoiced greatly in the faith & he Desired to see the Saints continue to be one he then spok for a Short time in welsh: when Broth James Bond appeared on the stand he remarked that wether we stayed in the channel or went on our way we were still getting nearer he also Stated that he did not know that he ever had any friends for those against him and his relligion he

[p. 18]

considered where against him and only those were his friends who loved the gospel. Brother Neslin then adressed us & said if we would be obedient we should Land safe in America he gave some good councill telling us not to grumble when asked to do a Thing but to go to and do it cheerfully we should be Blest: wrote to Some of the Sisters friends then had a ward meeting I was called upon to Speak & said I rejoiced in the plan of organization that it was good & would Save the people I refferred to the Different ships that left for foreign Lands & the greate ammount of young woomen sedduced on them & said I considdered we where highly favoured to have Such good rules to prevent Sailors from abusing our Woomen: I said Mor was Like a wedding ring no end

[p. 19]

But one eternal round & that it would rool forth & fill the whole earth with Light I said I considered it was the greatest Testimony we could bear to the Nations to emigrate: Brother Keaton Spoke & Said we must attend to our prayers & not get a Bad Spirit into us & then find Fault with every boddy: Brother Neslin Spoke & Said he some times felt ashamed of himselfe when he knew that he had done amiss & that It was good for us to examine ourselves & see what was the matter with us Brother Lindsy Spoke & Said it was salvation to be up at 5 A.M. & Cleaning the Births. I was administered to for a Strain & felt relived afterward. Brother Neslin Administered to me & prayed that I may be strengthened

[p. 20]

on my Journey & do good in my Day & jeneration & I do beleve his prayer will be answered. A brother told me my watch had no life nor Spirit in it. Meetings where had in all the rest of the wards to night: Sunday the 11th of April wind against us So we did not set Sail ["that" CROSSED OUT] this Day had a short meeting in the afternoon Monday the 12th of April Set sail for New York at 1/2 3 o clock then commenced the Sea sickness greate numbers where sick myself & wife among the number: Tuesday the ^12^ 13th of April most of the Saints Sick Wedensday the 14 ^13^th of April Some of the folks began to recover from their Sickness but I and my Wife where helpless my

[p. 21]

Brother William [TOP RIGHT CORNER MISSING] felt But little [MISSING] & where of M [MISSING] & those who [TORN] Thursday the 15th of April Still very Sick & So was Jane & lots of the Saints. Friday the ^15^ 16th of April we had a Pint Bottle of Porter given Between ["2" CROSSED OUT] every 2 adults which was alltogether unexpected & came Just at the right Time when we where recovering the Cap let the folks come on Deck with their Beds it was a Lovely Day for those recovering the Ship Sailed Slowly & the Lord was kind indeed to us I was restored to health & So was Jane to Some extent as where most of the Saints Satturday the ^16^ 17th. wether

[p. 22]

[TOP LEFT CORNER MISSING] Sailed but litt [MISSING] During the day [MISSING] ts of frollick and [MISSING] our ward meeting [MISSING] 3 P.M. as usual Jane still continued Poorly & so was elder Lindsey: Sunday the ^17^ 18th of April the sun shone in its splendour a fair wind ship sailing from 8 to 10 knots an our this was the Best time we had experience as we had made but Little Progress Since we Left £ pool this morning it was given oute that we where ["550" CROSSED OUT] 510 miles from £ pool this caused the Saints to rejoice a meeting Commenced on Board by 1/2 past 10 A.M. Br Rooly [Rowley] commenced by Prayer Br Neslin then addressed us at some Length on the Subject of

[p. 23]

marriage & said that many would Burn their fingers at it he said men where to be kind to Their Wives if not they would Loose them he Said that none need not come forward for marriage only those who & had made arrangements before their embarcation as he did not beleve in marrying those who had made Up their minds in such a hurry & as soon as they Caught the feaver: Several were consequently Disappointed in their Nuptials: he also said who were the fit persons to have wives & it was those who where kind to the sick who Did not grumble to go on gaurd & who Did not Look Black at their president when he requested them to Clean oute their Births: he said he could if it

[p. 24]

was necessary give the first Letters of the names of some strong healthy men who had let their sick wives do the best they could to help themselves. he said he had his eye on them & should remember them accordingly he Spoke on clenliness & cetera: Brother [James] Bond then adressed us he spoke aboute the cold feelings of Love existing among the Jentiles he also Spok of the Social evil & said he hope that those who where at hymans Shryne where not possed [possessed] with feelings of this kind: But ["H" CROSSED OUT] Trusted that they where going to work understandingly Like men & Woomen of God after he got through with speaking the choir Sang how glorious will be the morning after which Br Neslin married ["5" CROSSED OUT] 4 Coupples of English one of French ^Swiss^ & ["8" CROSSED OUT] ^9^ Coupples of Danish

[p. 25]

after this Business was settled the Danes a a Testyfing meeting on Deck Sister Jane & Sister Brewton are quite poorly. Yesterday the ship Dread not was Seen by the mate not far from us she Left £ pool after us She is aboute 2000 tons Burth & considered to be the fastest sailer on the ocean where she is to day heavens knows She is making for New York. Monday the 19th of April Most of the passengers sick or poorly the ship going at a greate speed; [LEFT HAND MARGIN NOTED: Long 20-20, L 48.6, 756. Long 24.30, Lat 46.420] Tuesday the 20 ^19^th of April at 12 o clock we where 909 ["09" CROSSED OUT] ^55^ miles from £ pool the wind was very weak & most of the passengers came on Board to recruite themselves the Band was playing a little & the folks feeling

[p. 26]

Tollearably Cheerful this moring & yesterday we had a Little wine given us by Br Keatonyesterday Sister Lang was very kind & made some nice grewell for me & my wife but I think She did it in order that she might get some of our ham; at night we had a Testyfying meeting in our ward some spirited testimonys where born I bore mine Stating that the heavenly Lite & influence of this gospell would soon be felt among all nations & that kings & greate men would assist this people to gather home I also stated that it was the Devil & his agency that had power to afflict us with sickness & prayed that he might be bound & not have power to afflict us more. brother Bond Spoke & said that we where now going the

[p. 27]

easiest part of our journey & must concequently make the most of it. he said Some thought it was the worst but that when we had old of the hand Cart & in the mud & cetera we would find it oute. Brother Rool Said they where bound to go safe for there where those on board who had received the promise wile in zion of returning home in Safty: Brother Neslin Spoke & Said that if a man had lost confidence in himselfe he did not feel well when he Stood up to instruct others. but he thought that all that had Spoke their experience felt well & enjoyed the good Spirit. the Singing was excelent: Wedensday the ^20^ 21 of April a meeting was established at or soon after 10 A.M. & called the Lyceum & ^a^ discussion was to Take place at 12 in the afternoon Subject whether was the most beneficial to thee masses of the people the Cumpass or the press: My Brother was Appointed one of [BOTTOM OF PAGE NOTED: For Wed. 20th Long 25.50 Lat 45.59 1020]

[p. 28]

the judges: the rations of Beef Pork Potatoes & vinegar Being delt oute this afternoon prevented the discussion Taking place Sister Matilda Barrett as been a friend indeed to me & my friends in coocking us our food & cetera may she be abundantly blest is my prayer: to Day we are upwards of a 1000 miles from £ pool the wind to day is not very favourable we are a Sailing very Slow 2 Ships in Sight and the sun Shining. Several of the Saints are very Sick & I am but feeble Jane is Some what better: Lots of Beds on Deck airing to day I made inquiries as to how many Saints where on board Br Neslin Said the Total where 726 ["6" CROSSED OUT, "3" WRITTEN ABOVE] & had come from ["Ten" CROSSED OUT] Different Nations. English; Irish; Scotch; Welsh French Itallians Swiss Danes Sweeds & Norwegians: Captain Bell is from America there are 2 races of Blacks on Board & 1 russian these are in the Crew: So all to gether I think we have quite a

[p. 29]

variety & this is going a long way to fulfill the words of the prophets namely they shall gather from manny nations: the doctor on board is an Irish man ["&" CROSSED OUT] But dont Seem to Take much notice of his patients the 2 or 3 mates on board are [wild arun Scarum] fellows & very rough with the Sailors: But quite Sociable with us the first one Talks of going to zion: but I cannot Say wether he means it or not: Take [noker] [NEXT LINE INDENTED] The names of the following persons are those who rendered me Some assistance while Leaving Carlisle for the G. S. L. City [Great Salt Lake City]: Sister Blain 6/ a pair of Stockings a pot of preserves Ann Paisley Seenior 1/ & a pair of Stockings Robert & Thomas Paisley not in the church 1/ each. Mary Armstrong 1/ & a ^k^nife Mother Taylor not in the church 1/ Br W. J. Maughan the best part of 10 shillings J. Murray not in the church 1/; Peter Adam A cap ["with" CROSSED OUT] ^worth^ 2/6 Sister ruddick 2/6 a

[p. 30]

[TOP OF PAGE NOTED: "Things necessary for a Sea voige"] cotton Handkerchief her Daughter not in the church 1/ S. Catherine McRevey 2/6 ^&^ a Collar for Sister Hobbs Sister Chaplain a pair of Stockings Sister Mary Richardson 2/6. Mrs. Lindsey not in the church a pot of preserves can of eggs & cetera Elizabeth Trimble 1/ & a Sheet. Sister Thomlinson made me 2 Shurts & gave me a Triful of monney: a friend of hers Mrs Dobson not in the church a Small bottle of Brandy: Br Trimble made me a pair of Trousers Brother John Brown 1/ Elizabeth Pearson gave me a Shurt pair of Stockings Bed quilt pot of preserves & a Triful of money: the Saints in this conference in days gone by have not borne a good name; but I will Say nothing only Let their works Speak for them: the following is a list of things Useful at sea. good flower potatoes Salt preserves a good cooked ham plenty of eggs Lemmons a good Cheese

[p. 31]

some good Coffee Currants plumbs ink spices porter port wine Seago preserved fish polanies a few Sweet Biscuits Some powders to go in the water & dont forget Some Allumin & be Shure you get good Tins to hold your water & a Barrel to hold your provisions Some good Bags to hold your rations Baking powder Lard suit good thick Shoes Carpet Slippers & warm Clothing plenty of Soap & dont forget Towels a Lamp & Candles a rooling pin Board knives forks Spoons a little Suggar Consecrated Oil Shoe Brushes pepper Cream of Tartar Jinger Chian pepper Some pickled Cabbage a Box with Sepperate appartments. [5 BLANK LINES]

[p. 32]

at night attended a meeting in the Bachelor Hall: quite a lot of the Saints there from other wards: Br ^H^ Artley [Henry Hartley] Called Upon me to Speak: I told them it was with peculiar feelings I addressed them on account of Being Surrounded by So many young Bachelors; I told them if they where faithful the time would soon come when they would no more be Bachelors But married men raising up Children that would go forth & defend the Kingdom of God among the Nations of the Earth & cetera all hands felt glad Thursday the 21 of April two Ships passed by us our Captain Spoke to ["them" CROSSED OUT] ^one^ by putting Up Different flags the wether Cold and damp I was Sick & So was Jane this day we are 1065 miles from £ pool to night a ward meeting was held: Br Keaton Said that those who went out of the [BOTTOM OF PAGE NOTED: 21 Long 26.52, Lat 26.13 1065 from Liverp]

[p. 33]

Church through rough Usage Showed their weakness & that men Should look at principle & not at individuals he Said he had been used rough but he bore with it till a change had Taken place: he Said when he got to the valley he Should feel pleased if he could get a mud hut & that he beleved the Lord would prosper him there even as he had done in the old country. ^good^ Friday the 22 of April middle of ^the^ day we were 1170 miles from £ pool : to day Jane kept in bed got up in the evening but was very Sick: I enjoyed my Selfe in the dance this afternoon: attended prayers in no One ward at night: Satturday the 23 of April wather fine & Calm most of the folks recovering from Sickness: we are Sailing Slow at present. my wife is much better Thanks be to God for her recovery: this morning I engaged in prayer in no One ward: & prayed that the wind & waves may be propitious to waft us to the Land of Our destination [BOTTOM OF PAGE NOTED: 22 Long 28.40 44.33 1170. 23: 30.08 Lat 44.33 1234]

[p. 34]

I perceve that the Scandinavians are very fond of reading english. I admire their zeal & doubt not but they will Soon have a good knowledge of our Language: to day we are 1234 miles from £ pool it is raining fast I am Staying on Deck to prevent Sickness Sang Some Mormon Songs to amuse the folks Attended prayers in 1 ward Br Lindsey prayed this afternoon the Wind is Blowing Tremendious the captain Says we are going 11 knots an hour praised be the Lord of host for hearing our prayers: My wife is But poorly in Sunday the 24 of April wind still favourable This morning I am Sitting on the poop and am Struck with haw & admiration at the Sublime Seen which is before me to See the furious waves of the ocean rooling Up into mountains & then Lashing themselves One over the other the seenery is Truly grand & is worthy of all the praise we can Bestow Upon it: At One Time it has the [BOTTOM OF PAGE NOTED: 24 Long 33.50 Lat 42.20 1429 Liverp NY 104]

[p. 35]

appearance of Ills covered with Snow & the wind Drifting it aboute from one place to the other: at other Times it is Like the clouds of heaven at Times there are valleys to be Seen & then in an instant they wile Swell into Ills here it would not be amiss to quote a verse of poetry Touching this Subject [8 BLANK LINES] & the most wonderful of All is to See our Ship going allmost at rail way speed over the Trackless ocean bearing in her Arms hundreds of the Seed of Abraham who Through the mercy of God have been delivered from bondage & oppression In order that they may carry oute the

[p. 36]

purposes of the great Jehovah & do a work which will cause Thrones & empires to crumble in ^the^ dust: & the kingdom of God Shall flourish & Shine forth cleear as the moon fair as the Sun & Terrable as An Army with Banners; Since yesterday at 12 A.M. we have Traveled 195 [BLANK] Up till 12 A.M. to day which brings us a Distance from £ pool of 1429. This morning a meeting was held on Deck I was called Upon to Speak & did So for a short time I Said that it was freequently the case that we would pray for the wind to be in our favour & when it was & the Ship became obstroplus [obstreperous] & Sea Sickness prevaled then we felt to pray the other way that it may be calm I said if God heard all our prayers & answered them we Should be making a play thing of him: & that if the winds was favourable & Sickness prevelant I would be Sattisfied Br H Oplin Spoke & Henry Hartley the Latter Said we

[p. 37]

had every opportunety while on board of Showing who we were & what we were & begetting confidence or Loosing it Just according to the cource we pursue. in the afternoon meeting commenced again Brothers Neslen Harris Bond & Rooly addressed us Br Harris Compared us to a lot of Sheep because we were huddled so close Together & he Spoke of our concentrating our Thoughts & having our minds centered on what was being Said & not have them in New York or on the plains pulling hand carts: he Said it was possible to controle the mind for he had done So to a greate extent & could now Ask the Lord Several things & have his heart & mind on those things: he Spoke of the Sheep in the Hills & Said if they Brought them to where there was good pasture when you wanted to find them you had to go to the Hills for them unless

[p. 38]

yo made the gates & hedges Secure & after a Time they would Like the good Living so well that if you Left the gates open they where not disposed to runn away: & so Upon the Same principle we could drive every wicked thought from us by chaining our minds down to do right: Brother Neslen spoke of potato Steelers & Said it was not rite for persons to Steel the few potatoes from the Oven which the Sick So much enjoyed & if it was done again the parties Should be cut off the Church of J. Christ. he Said we where the Best lot of Saints that ever crossed the Atlantick: & he hoped the few who had done wrong would do better: he Said when we got to America we Should meet with Lots of Swindlers & must keep our eyes Open & Said if we Should See a few of those we thought good men Turn from us we must not mind But hold fast to the rod of Iron &cet

[p. 39]

Brother Bond Said he had come across some very mean folks in his Travels & that if they could be Saved all hell could rejoice for they where Safe: he Said Some of them would kill a flee for the hide & Tallow & would Steeal the coppers from a dead Niggers eyes: he Spoke of the Time when Sattan Should be bound & Said Some thing aboute the chain that Should bind him & Said if all men would observe those Sublime words of the Saviour namely do unto others as you would they Should do unto yo: that all would be a parradice, & no Meanis would be Seen. he Spoke of those who where Sick & thought they would be Better if they would Step aboute: he Said half the Ship or Something to this effect could be Sick if they Tried: Brother Rooly Said he never Saw a Lot of Better Saints in his Life & Spoke on other Subjects which I forget: at night we had a greate number of the Saints from other

[p. 40]

wards in No 1 Ward Brother Keaton Said he would like to See the Saints improve their Time while crossing the Sea: he Said he would rather be up to his neck in mud than be on the Sea & Suffering So much from Sickness: he Said he had not Seen So much to admire on the Sea as he had in the Beautiful Country of itally: he Said that if the Journey on the Sea had Taken 12 months to Accomplish it he Should have Started because he knew that there where blessings to be received in zion that could not be had in the hold country: Brother Neslin then addressed Us on Several different Subjects: he cautioned us not to preach to the Jentiles on our way to zion: that it was not requisit: & that if it was our presiding officers would attend to it: told the Sisters to be cautious with those pollite Jents that they would meet with in America he Said there where many Temptations

[p. 41]

for us there that we could get Licker very cheap & this would probably try Some: he Said when we where on the plains & felt to Swear because things went Hawkward not to do So but keep our Toungs within our Teeth & all would be well: he Said that Some would perhaps think their Missions Ended when they had left their homes but he asshured them it was not So that there where lots of missions to be performed Booth here & in the Spirit world he Said Some would be appointed to preside over a few in the railway carrages & would be Captains over Tens & 50 & so hon when they got on the plains: he Said there was room for the Bretherin to make all the improvement they desired to & if any wanted to become greate Speakers prophets apostles or any thing Else there was no obstacle to prevent them if they would go a head in righteousness & cet Monday the 25 of April the wind is

[p. 42]

Still favourable & we are a distance of 1640 miles from £ pool. 1593 from New york to day I have felt very sick; rations have been Served oute to day. the Saints this afternoon are enjoying themselves in the dance Tuesday the 26 wind & weather very Favourable Ship Sailing aboute 6 knots an hour this morning I rose Early & washed my Selfe all over which very much revived me to day I am reading the Book of Mormon. Most of the passengers on deck with their beds & Bedding to day we are a distance of [BLANK] from New York Saints are enjoying themselves in the dance & Song Some of the Brethering are delivering Sectarian Sermons to Amuse the Saints to night we had a Testimony Meeting in No 1 ward. Wedensday the 27 But very Little wind the Ship is going very Slow Sun is quite powerfull most of the Saints on deck with their Bedding At 12 o clock Long 42-40 Lat 39-01 distance from New

[p. 43]

York 1420 miles today the Saints where called on Deck to receive instruction from Neslin Rooly & Harris [Harries]. they where told to keep their Births & themselves very Clean as we where going into hotter Climate & may have much Sickness & deaths if these instruction where neglected to be carried oute we where told not to Lay in the Sun as we where Liable to be Sun Struck ["are" CROSSED OUT] or have the Brain feever this evening there is Lots of Dancing Singing & cetera. My wife has been Laying on the deck most of the day Sick to night we had an excelent meeting in the B. [Bachelorís] Hall we had Speaches from Brothers [Frank] Pitman Bond Harris Neslin Keaton Hartley & my Selfe Brother Pitman Said he Loved this Work & hoped if there was any Secterianism in him that it may Soon be Knocked oute of him. I Said in my Remarks that I knew I was full of imperfections & was continually finding

[p. 44]

room ["from" CROSSED OUT] for improvement. Brother Bond Said he came across an Irishman one time in Liverpool who Said he had not a bit of Sectarianism in him: Br John Taylor Arose & Said he had not got rid of halfe his he Said that he had come across Ill matched couples in his Travels & Said how much Some of These woomen desired to be Liberated from their oppressors but would not make the first Effort to accomplish this desirable object & that he did not beleve in what menny of those kind of persons Said: or they would do any thing to be happy Brother Neslen Told the Saints what kind of a place Castle Garding was & what polite Jents would present themselves to our Sisters and Try to Lead them astray: but that they must be on their gaurd: at 10 or soon after I went on gaurd till 12 o Clock Thursday the 28th arose at

[p. 45]

5 A.M. & assisted in Scraping & washing our Births oute. the Captain Said in my hearing that he had never Seen a cleaner Ship. to day the wind is blowing Strong the Sun is very powerful Most of the passengers on Deck we are not Traveling all to gether in the rite Direction at 12 A.M. we are Long 43-52 Lat 39-52 from New York 1368 miles this afternoon aboute 50 of the boys where Trained for Soldiers by Br Bond & R F Neslin & real fun we had over it at night we had a Testimony Meeting in the first Ward Brother Harris Said it had been customary with him in the Old country to call on one to bear Testimony & then each one round in their Turnes & be this plan he would hear from all after a Time or 2 Trying: Friday the 29 the wether cold & damp Some rain a good many of the Saints poorly Ship is moving & that is all it is 10 Deg colder to day than yesterday

[p. 46]

We are now on the Banks of Newfound Land & the water is not So Deep we are aboute an hundred miles from the Ice Berges to day at 12 A.M. Long 45/56 Lat 40/52 Distance from New York 1270 miles this evening there is Lots of Dancing on deck. Satturday the 20th Ship in full Sail I and my ^wife^ are very Sick in the evening Some rain it is quite Laughable every few minutes to See a Large wave come over & Drench the folks. to day at 12 o clock we where a distance from New York of 1113 miles Long 49-16 Lat 40-30 Sunday 1st of May. We were very poorly from the Severe rocking of the Ship all night as there had been a dead calm a considerable deeal of water came through the portholes & Sent the things Swimming Lots of tins Tumbled aboute & made a Tremendious row: Aboute 12 A.M. the Long 51-40 Lat 41-00 Distance from New York 995 miles aboute this Time a Stiff Breeze came on which all where

[p. 47]

Thankfull for; especially those who had been in the coocking galley & got all their good things upset Lots of potatoes upset On deck to day: & all I am Surprised at is that Some did not got their Limbs Broke But the Lord has Truly been mindful of his children ["At 12 o clockk Long 51-40 Lat 41-00 distance from New York" CROSSED OUT] in the afternoon the english Saints had a meeting in the Bachelors Hall & another at night which I attended I Should think there where 250 present. Brother Harris Spoke on the dejeneracy of the human family & Said that God had restored the gospell which would Bring man Back to his former State of purity & Strength while those nations who rejected it would dwindle into nothing Brother Neslen gave Some good council to the young Sisters that Stopped in the States he Spoke of persons Standing on gaurd after Traveling 25 miles: & cet

[p. 48]

Brother Bond Said that Some of the States where gilty of every mean act & that worse people could not be found if Hell was raked over with a Small tooth combe: he Said that many people did not give their children those instructions that where necessary in their infancy & when they grew up they where guilty of many Bad things & how it was they could not Tell. Monday the 2nd of May. wether & wind in our favour the rations are being Served oute Beef & Pork & vinegar. Long 63.50 Lat 40.28 distance from New York 882. to day extra allowance of water is delt oute for the passengers to wash up their clothing. this is kind of the Captain to day me & Jane are mostly recovered from Sickness thanks be unto our merciful Father for his kindness to us. this afternoon it is Stormy not many on Deck at night we had a concert in No 1 ward Lots of Commick & Sentimental Songs Sung & Some good Tunes by the Band Br Neslen gave me a can of preserved

[p. 49]

milk which gave quite a flavour to our Tea Tuesday the 3 of M. [May] up at 5 A.M. & assisted Brother Lindsey to clean up 2 of the Cabbins to day it is fine Ship going 8 knots an hour Most of the passengers on the mend. I find it Takes away much of the Sickness to be Up Early & Stiring Aboute at 12 A.M. Long 57-2 Lat 40.15 Distance from New York 740 Some portions of the day we where going at the Rate of 11 knots an hour this afternoon a child by the name of Franklin Woolford Andrew [Andrews] fell down the Stairs & was nearly killed But the faith of the Saints have Triumphed over the Monster death. and the child is Still Living: Enjoyed my Selfe in the dance the docter also had a dance But made a poor Job of it. to night Attended A Testimony Meeting in 1 ward Brother Harris Said he Should See if the Conduct of the Saints in afterdays Agreed with their Testimonys & cetera it is a Lovly Star Light Night But very cold: Wedensday the 4th a calm

[p. 50]

Sea Sun Shining Bright Ship Sailing as much as 7 knots an hour: this morning potatoes are plentiful all is moving on Harmoniously Some Soap is Being Served oute this is Unexpected. & very necessary. 12 A.M. Long 61.30 Lat 40.00 Distance from New York 548. to night we had an excelent Meeting in the Bachelors Hall Brothers Bond Harris Rooly & Neslen addressed us Br Neslen in his remarks Said there where Some individuals that would as Soon see the devil as him & it was Because he Told them of their faults: Thursday the 5 the sea is Perfectly calm as far as the Eye can reach at 12 A.M. Long 61.51 Lat 39.50. Distance from New York 520. it Seems as though it was Calm on purpose for at 2 o clock P.M. Sister Inger Haff [Hagg] from Sweeden was Burried in the sea She died the previous night & was 61 years of age at 4 o clock we had a concert on Deck Lots of Commick and & Sentimental Songs where Sung & Some pices where recited the band ["where" CROSSED OUT] ^was^ in Attendance

[p. 51]

Some 8 or 10 of the Sisters where drest in white & ["as" CROSSED OUT] quite a number of the young Men had on white vests & they Sung a pice & danced to it. at night I had the diera & was very poorly all night ["in" CROSSED OUT] Friday the 6th A Lovely day the wind is rather more in Our favour at 12 A.M. Long 62.14 Lat. 40.15. Distance from New york 507. to day I have been very ill with the Diera & head Ache kept in bed most of the day Jane have also been very poorly; Lots of the Saints are as bad as my Selfe: I am going to attend to Josephs Advice & Take Some mustard pepper Salt vinegar &c I think it will relive me of the pain; A Testimonial was given to our Captain to day By Brothers Bond & Neslen as a Token of our respect. he enjoyed it much and gave the Boys a Bottle of Wine: Satturday the 7 Some parts of the day we ["we" CROSSED OUT] are going at the rate of 4 & 5 knots an hour & Some times we are not going any. at 12 A.M. Long 63.40 Lat 40.42. Distance from New York 450 it is now

[p. 52]

10 o clock & all hands are expected to be in Bed. 1/2 9 is the time for the Woomen & 10 for Men. to night the Sisters have got 1/2 an hour Longer Allowed Them to Enjoy the dance: I have been very poorly to day with the diera; Jane has also been very Ill I am Sorry to See her Suffer So Much pain. but feel sattisfied that all is for the Best. I am on watch up till 12 to night Sunday the 8 of May had meeting in the Bachelors Hall on account a having fogg that was falling Brother Neslen gave Some good council to the married & single he told the young folks that if they married a wife Because of her good attainments they where not acting wisley But if they married on a righteous principal to have a posterrity to be a comfort & Blessing to each other then he would advise them to go a head. he Spoke of Individuals falling in love the first time they Saw Each other But that he would Like to Summer

[p. 53]

& winter a Lady & then he would know Some thing of her disposition; after he got through his discourse: he married 5 Couples of Forreingners. the young men had all been faithful Elders in the Minnistry & Some had been imprisoned Several Times for preaching: ["in" CROSSED OUT] to day we are going as much as 9 knots an hour but not in the rite Direction it is very cold. At 12 Long 66.00 Lat 40.48 Distance to N Y 360 in the Afternoon we had a meeting on the poop Deck Brother Bond Spoke aboute the disunited States and the abuse they had heaped upon this people & Said their ["H" CROSSED OUT] Reward was Shure he also Stated that Men & Woomen where getting more & more enlightened as to their rites & where beginning to See the rotteness of the priests and rulers of the Land in his remarks he Said Some thing which quite amused me concerning A young man & Wooman the young Man Said his Love was Like a Wedding ring it had no

[p. 54]

end She in reply Said that her Love was Like the Wedding ring for it never had a Beginning Before the meeting ^was^ Through the fogg was very heavy. the Bell Tooled conciderable to prevent a Collesion with other Ships; at night a Large number convened to gether in the Bachelors Hall quite a number of Bretheren spoke I Spoke Some Little concerning Oliver Cromwell & the good he accomplished in his day; that he fought for the freedom of his Country & cet Br Bond moved that a vote of thanks be given to Brother Neslen it was carried by Saying aye One was given to Brothers Harries Rooly and Bond & carried in the Same Manner Brother Williamsis Circumstances was Brought Before the Saints & they had the priviledge of doing what Layed in their power for him he ["was ou" CROSSED OUT] is our cook & a good Temperd Soul ["I forgot to mention the Long it was 67.10 Lat 41.46 Distance from N. York 297" CROSSED OUT] Monday the 9 Wether very cold Ship Sailing as much as 9 knots

[p. 55]

an hour But not in the rite direction; at 12 A.M. Long 67.10 Lat 41.46. 297 from N york Last night the 2nd mates ^Wife^ was Walking aboute the different Wards with only he^r^ Shift on Some Say She was mad & that it Took Several to hold her & that it was howing to what her husband Said aboute giving her name in to be a Saint & cet Br Davis Threw a Blanket round her & She was given in to the rite hands Tuesday the 10th a Heavy fogg Descended and continued most of the day in the after part of the day the Ship Sailed as much as 10 knots an hour At 12 Long [BLANK] Lat [BLANK] Distance from New York [BLANK] to day the Boat Swain attempted to use his knife to the 3rd mate in the Evening a Bachelors Ball Took place & was well attended I enjoyed my Self in the dance Several Commick Songs where sung By James Bond Meeting ajourned aboute 10 in the Evening: in the night 2 Sisters where confined. [THREE BLANK LINES]

[p. 56]

Today the 10 I forgot to mention we passed the [HALF A LINE BLANK]. Bound for N York with [BLANK] hundred passengers on Board we gave them 3 cheers & went on our Journey. Wedensday the 11 A Strong wind continued in Our favour Taking Us 10 knots an hour At 12 the Captain gave us a rough calculation of the distance from N. York it was [BLANK] this is as near as he coul tell having no Sun to Take the degrees. when it was dark we had to tak in half the Sail for fear of running Asshore; A conciderable deeal of rain fell to day it is very cold and chilly; Thursday the 12th wether Still favourable Ship Sailing Aboute 7 knots an hour. At aboute [BLANK] o clock to day the pilot came on Board & reported that we where 35 miles from New York. this caused the hearts of the Saints to rejoice But oh how greate was their joy when they Saw the Banks on Either Side covered with many Beautiful Building & trees

[p. 57]

I shall not attempt to discribe Suffice to Say they where exceeding glad: we passed by Several Lovely Islands on our way up to N York: we where examined by the doctor & passed withoute any difficulty: aboute 5 P.M. we arrived at or opposite N. York we can See Castle Garding & it Looks better than it was represented to be; the customhouse officers came on Board & Said we would have to go to the Gardings to night: But Br Neslin reasoned with them a Little & got them persuaded to Let us stay on Board till the next day; we are informed that all the Emigrant Ships that has arrived have Burried Lots who have died with the Small pox & it is reported that Several Ships are prohibeted from comming in to Land their passengers on account of So Manny being Bad with the Small pox & if this be True how thankfull Should we be for So prosperous a voige & only one death; there is a man of War Ship Laying rite on our Left. to day

[p. 58]

we Saw Several fine Steem Boates 1 was the Metropplous; and another the Common wealth to day Lots of the Saints Emptied their Straw Beds & will probably L^a^y on the Ticks to night Bread was Brought on Board at 6 pence for a very Little Loaf; Some Exchanged peas & rise for a little Bread: Br Nelsen Sayes One Emigrant Ship has been oute 65 dayes & is now at Halifax 7 up till the Last heard of her had died with Small pox & they where on Short rations Brother Nelsen & Bond went on Shore & returned with Br Stenhouse: the Steeam Ship [BLANK] is rite before us She is the one I understand that will cary our Letters to England in a few dayes; the papers State that one of the Judges in Utah is dismissed from office By P Cummings 13 of May Arrived in Castle Garding with our Luggage gave in our Names & ages wether married or Single there where Lots of Emigrants in the Building & Hundreds Landing daily the major Portion of them Are Irish In the after

[p. 59]

noon went for a Walk up Broadway Saw a great many fine Buildings & the people drest very gay Spirits are cheep Meat Butter & Cheese are also cheep Slept as well as we could on the Boards in Castle Garding this Building is round Like a Sircus & is Supposed to hold 10 Thousand Boiling Water & a Bathing house is [comatable] 14th the New York Herrald contains our Names & ["ages" CROSSED OUT] Trades Testimonial to Captain Bell marriages on the Ship & cetera to day our Time is mostly occupyed Looking after our Luggage: we Embarked aboute 6 o clock P.M. in the fine Steam packett Sir Isaack Newton we had Lots of Spectators before we Left at 7 o clock we Left for Albany a distance of 150 [CROSSED OUT FAINTLY, "66" WRITTEN IN] Miles Saw lots of fine Buildings on the way quite a number of the Saints where up all night arrived Sunday the 15 at 6 A.M. followed Prest Neslin all Through the Town with Some of our Luggage this was a Sight I Shall not Soon forget

[p. 60]

Neither do I think that manny of the people will who Saw us at 12 A.M. we Left for ["Amelton" CROSSED OUT] a distance of [BLANK] I was appointed Captain over 48 Souls with instructions to Let none ["n" CROSSED OUT] Through our Carriage["s" CROSSED OUT] But the guaurds 14 Carrages held our passengers & aboute 4 our Luggage as we passed through the different Stations we had Thousands of Spectators who Said they could not Tell our object for gathering those people had been apprised of our comming by Tellegraphick dispatchs Slept as well as we could on the Boards: Monday the 16th at a Little Before 5 A.M. we Stayed for 1 hour at [BLANK] Saw a Lovley fall of water called Jenesee at 11 A.M. we Saw the falls of Niagara 1 1/2 from Us After crossing Suspension Bridge we where in Upper Cannida Some of the Houses and gardens on this route are Beautiful ["Tuesday 17th" CROSSED OUT] to day it is raining & comes Through the top of our Carriages which makes it rather Uncomfortable Tuesday 17th by 5 A.M. arrived at Windsor & in 2 hours we crossed over the [BLANK] river to detroit

[p. 61]

here we had a Large Number of Spectators at 12 A.M. we left for Chicargo a distance of [BLANK] Wedensday the 18th attended to prayers as usual and arrived at Chicargo in the State of ["Illinois" IN FAINTER INK] at 8 A.M. this is a fine Citty & contains aboute 13000 inhabitants & is nearly Surrounded with wateraboute 1 o clock we Left in a first class carriage for quincey 269 miles Thursday the 19th arrived at quincy at aboute 7 o clock then went Strait to the Packett & wrode aboute 20 miles up the Missisippi to Hannibal; wether Exceedingly warm Some few had the diarreha through drinking So much water I am informed that Carthage & Navoo is only 60 miles from quincy: we Spent the day under cover cooked our food oute of Dooers for the first Time in the heavening went with a few of the Boys for a Swim in the missippi there was a very rough crowd down at the Station Some where returned from Pikes Peake they where disappointed in getting gold. I hear that Thousands more are returning we Slept in carriages I was on

[p. 62]

gard till 1 o clock. Friday the 20th Left at 8 A.M. for St Josephs a distance of 207 miles Saw Several Slaves on our way we had Some Excelent Singing in my carrage. Satturday the 21st arrived at St. Josephs by the dawning of day had 12 hours to rest Saw Lof covered waggons with oxen going in different directions Milk meat & Bread is cheeap at this place at noon we gathered to gether & received instructions from Br Cannon & Neslen in regard to our all going on Board to gether we where informed that a portion of us could go at once & the others Stay 3 days or if we Liked to put Up with the inconveniences we could all go to gether the matter was Left with us & we Lifted our hands to heaven Stating at the Same time that we would all go to gether; So after making a Towerr through the Town we ["went" CROSSED OUT] went on Board the fine packet St Marys & at 12 P.M. we proceeded on our Journey to florrence a distance of ["250" IN FAINTER INK] miles a strong gaurd

[p. 63]

was appointed to keep watch I went on gaurd the first part of the night Br Lindsey was Capt of the gaurd the first part of the night we had Some rough customers to deal with But all passed off well: St Joseph is a flourishing Town Slaves are Sold here; Sunday the 22nd wether very warm manny of the Saints where poorly Some with Dierreah Some from Close confinement & cetera; the capt had some Births fixed Up for the woomen which proved a Blessing to Some; Monday the 23rd wether not quite So warm aboute 2 P.M. our packett Stayed Still on account of a head wind. Last night quite a number of the Sisters went on the Upper deck to Sleep; to day Several hats has Blown over Board in the night while I was on gaurd I heard a row & made for it when I got there I found the Sailors quarrelling with Some of the danish one Threttened to use his knife I immediately went for Prest Neslen & he came & Spoke as one having Athorriety he Said they could not come their Missori tricks with Us & if they wanted a

[p. 64]

row we where on hand; at 1 P.M. Frank Pittman Took my Place as captain of the gaurd Tuesday the 24 wether fine Stopped a Short time at Nebraska [City] a flourrishing Town aboute [BLANK] miles from [BLANK] Saw Iowa Hills at the distance & much fine Seenery; yesterday a Large Stick of Timber fell & Struck Brother Keaton on the head & Bent him doubble But I am Thankfull to Say he is recovering to day the folks where Short of Bread So we had to Share the Spoile: Wedensday the 25 got up early & was very cold from Sleeping on the deck at 6 A.M. we Landed in florence. Built a fire & got a good Breakfast oute of doors & felt to thank God for the peaceful assylum we had been Brought to & for Being Surrounded with our friends Soon after our arrival it came on to rain So we pitched a Tent for to Shelter the woomen wile we Loaded the Church Waggons with our Luggage in the afternoon made acquaintance with Chistopher Sproate & went with

[p. 65]

him my wife & [w] Adams to Ohamah [Omaha] 6 miles Spent an Our with his wife & Slept at their house in the night there was a Terrific Storm of Hale I thought it would Breake Through the roof of the house Thursday the 26 quite Stormy Spent the fore noon in the Town Saw 5 indians had Some conversation with them Bought a Waterproof Blanket for 4 dollars worth 5 Ohmaah is Built near to the Missori there are a few fine Stores and Torrable plenty of Work for those & others that reside there in the afternoon Left for Florence 6 miles arrived home But had Some difficulty in procuring Lodging went to Bed cold & hungry. Friday the 27th Spent the day removing our Luggage the man Threttened us conciderable for going in to his House & Breaking Open the door & cetera to day there was a meeting at the camp to call all the names over of those ["going over who where" CROSSED OUT] going by Hand Cart also to inform the Saints that they would have to pay some more monney when they got to zion as what they had

[p. 66]

already payed was not Sufficient to find them in provisions: the carts where to be Sold & the oxen & Waggons when we got to zion & if that did not meet the debt we Should pay the residual the agreed with Up Lifted hands to do it & Br Cannon Said he would be glad if the Saints who had means would Loane him Some or we would have to Stay where we where. Satturday 28 wether ["col" CROSSED OUT] fine & Warm Spent most of the day Trying to get us a Teeamster in the Eavening Br Jas Woldham interceeded for me & Sister Hanson & got us Some Flower Bacon & Suggar to night I had Some conversation with W G Young & Orrace Haight Sunday 29 Left Early in the morning & went 3 miles to the Camp with a Message from B Hildridge who Superintends the Emigration department on our return had a Swim in the Afternoon Attended a Big Meeting at the Store room quite a number of Strainjers present Brother Neslen & rooly Addressed the Company on the first principles of the Gospell Saw Br

[p. 67]

& S Lovesy Harrood & Wife Steevens & some others at meeting Monday 30 a very fine day A meeting was held at Camp at 9 A.M. and another at 4 P.M. I was appointed Captain over the 2nd Company of Hand Carts Lindsey over the 1st May Cock over the 3 [BLANK] over the 4th and Br George Rooly over the Whole to day 2 Indians came & Layed down Before our fire & asked for Bread I gave them Some But they Threw it away they where Hugly men Well Armed with Lots of rings in their Ears in the afternoon went to Tea with B Stear & Wife they Behaved well to us they have a Snug Cott & and a nice garden plenty of Wild plums grows Close to them they are raising a few Squasshes & mellons to day I Earnt 10 Cents for Loading Some Bricks gathered a fine Lot of gooseberrys wild ones had a Juvenial party at night where we Lodge Br F Pittman & Sisters present Enjoyed Ourselves well Tuesday 31st Spent a portion of the day fixing up our Hand Carts Wedensday

[p. 68 ]

the 1st of June at home getting firing Took Some covers for the Br & Sisters to mak for the hand carts; Thursday the 2 of June Spent a portion of the day ["B" CROSSED OUT] Putting the Screws in the Carts to mak the Bows fast in the afternoon Br Cannon organized a Nother company called the 4th Company & appointed Br Scroggins Prest over them; Br Cannon Said Some Men would do Nothing but Look After their dear Wives Neither would they do any thing unless it was to Bennifit themselves he Said he did not Like Such people & cetera; Friday the 3rd went oute to camp 3 miles was Treated kind by the 2 Sister Scots they Took Some Luggage Through for me Martin Harrises Wife gave me some milk She has 4 Children 1 a young wooman aboute 15 a Boy aboute 25 & a Little Boy & girl they have a waggon & Several oxen & are taken by the Church Satturday the 4th gathered Some greens for dinner Saw Lots of indians one or 2 Came & got Some of the Cakes we where Friing to day got a good wash from head to

[p. 69]

foot wrote to some Length in my Journal went Several Times after my provisions got them a Little after 11 P.M. Sunday the 5 June a meeting was held in the forenoon at Camp I met with Brother Rooly & the Hand Cart Boys at the phillidelphia House we agreed to have a meeting at my house in the heavening I was to put a Flagg Up for a Signal in the afternoon there was a meeting at the Camp Some hundreds of people present Brother Edward Stephens was adressing the congregation when I went on the first principle he Said concerning our persecutors that when they could put oute the Sun then there was Some hopes of destroying Mormonism Br George Q Cannon next addressed us & said no matter what Sircumstancies we had to pass through if we would be Humble & Faithful we Should allways have a Testimony & and the influence of the holy Spirit to comfort and Buoy us up. But if we murmured and found fault we would drive the good Spirit away & Apostatize from the Church of Jesus Christ

[p. 70]

he Said we where aboute to Launch forth into a New World and that it was a New Erra in our History & would require Lots of Faith and perseverance in Speaking of menís power & influence he Said many wicked men abused Brigham Because of the control he had over the Saints But that Such persons would not think it dangerous if they had the Same Power & influence in the Evening he gave Some instructions to the Hand Cart company he said he always felt well when he met with us & that he was making Every preparation for our comfort & desired Us to pray for him that he may be Successfull in getting things for our comfort & to pray for the oxen & waggons that they may Last Through. he Said we would See the time that we would rejoice that ever we went with a hand cart. Monday the 6th in the morning by 8 A.M. we where on the Camp ground got our Carts ready & went for our 20 £Bs of Luggage returned to camp Soon after 10 A.M. this gave us a Bit of a Taste

[p. 71]

of our Journey Spent Some time in putting my H.C. in rotation & getting the following Named Henry Hobbs Jane Hobbs William Man Leviuna [Levina or Lovina] Man 1 cart; John Smith Francis do [ditto] Alexander do Marther Mc Kay 2 cart Mary Mc Kay Ellen Mc do Jane Mc do Mary Kirk Patrick 3 carts, Ester Mc Kay Fullerton Stewart Henry F Joh [John] & Margrett Thornley 4 cart. William Wild Eliza do Mary do Sarah do 5 cart Henry Wild Mary do Jane do John do 6 cart Thomas Wild Elizabeth Sarah do Abraham Duffin Elizabeth Watson 7 cart Ebenizar Beezley Sarah do Clara Bartlett Catherine Fay [Fahy] 8 Cart, Jeorje Reed Sister [Ann] Hibberd Mary Snailgrove William Adams 9 Cart Martha Smith [infant] 2 cart in the afternoon Wrote Some receipts for Br Cannon to night most of the B & Sisters Slept in Camp for the first Time. Tuesday the 7th at Home all the fore noon Writing for Br Cannon in the afternoon went to camp & wrote the names of the Saints in my Company. Slept in a waggon at night

[p. 72]

Wedensday [June] the 8th Took the names & ages of my company [&?] Assembled together wile Elder Cannon Called over our Names at night we Struck our Tents & went in to the valley a short distance from where we where. to day Several young men arrived from the valley they where well armed & looking healthy & Strong they report much Snow in the Mountains. a danish Family sold their chaines and wanted them Back again one or 2 of the waggons wanted repairing these 2 Circumstancies probably prevent us going further at this time to night 3 LBs of flower was Served oute to Each individual to Last 3 days to night I appointed 7 or 8 men to go on watch. Thursday the 9 gathered a few Strawberrys in the afternoon Br Cannon addressed us & said the angels Should go before us & be round aboute us if we would be obedient to those over us. he Said he felt justified Before God & man of having done his Best in

[p. 73]

fitting us oute with provisions for the plains Br Neslen Spoke a Short Time & then the following items where attended to. Henry Olpin Chapplain for the English Br H Man Capt of the gaurd & Br Heartley Capt of the Teamsters the meeting then Broke up & we Started for [BLANK] Spring [BLANK] miles with & 86 Hand Carts & 230 persons it was a fine afternoon & the Sun Shining Bright wen old & young rooled oute with their carts it was a sight which manny will not Soon forget: we had Some Steep Hills to Climbe on our way which Tryed the Strength of the Strong Say nothing of the feeble the Halt and the Lame we arrived in camp at 1/2 8 being aboute 28 1/2 hours making the Trip Some time after our arrival the Teemsters ["ar" CROSSED OUT] ^came^ in to camp my Brother report["D" IN LIGHTER INK] that Hansons waggon had Broke down a Chain Bellonging to another waggon Broke making the decent: I engaged in prayer & then Laid me down to Sleep Under the H.C. with Jane

[p. 74]

[TOP OF PAGE: "The sisters carried Cannon & Neslen to the dance"] at 3 A.M. was Called to go on gaurd there was a heavy dew & the night quite chilley ["in th" CROSSED OUT] Friday [June] the 10 Attended Prayer went ["w" CROSSED OUT] for a Bath Spent Some of the forenoon getting provisions for my comp [N.V.] I forgot to Say we passed a Mormon Burril ground near to Florence with Lots of Boards up wich gives the names of manny of the Saints 2 £Bs of Bacon & 1 of Suggar was delt oute to day this is the allowance for 2 persons for one Weak the water where we are now is Excelent plenty of grass But we have a long way to go for fuell; Some indians in camp to day I had some fun with them: this morning 4 of the Bretherin Left for Florence who Spent the night with us they had been 4 weeks comming from the valley with muils the Sun is very hot to day; in the heavening Several more of the Bretherin arived one named Daniel W. davis

[p. 75]

they Spent the night with us we had Some dancing the Band played & cet Br CannonNeslen & Bond Left us the Saints gave three cheers to George Q. Cannon for his kind & fatherly care over us to night me & Jane Slept under our handcart Satturday [June] the 11 Started for Big Papies 6 miles had Some Steep hills to climbe one of our provision Waggons ["Br" CROSSED OUT] Stuck in the mud & Took Some time to get oute. when we arrived at Papies we Saw Some 5 thousand head of ["cattle" CROSSED OUT] sheep going to Callifornia. there is good water & fish here & very good feed this afternoon Br Neslen arrived in Camp to do Some Buissness for Br Cannon Br Grou who Brought him went Back with the muels & Left Neslen & Bond to walk 10 miles. went oute & picked Some goosberrys to night we had our flower 7 £bs for one weak & and a can of Beens Slept under our Carts at night. Sunday 12 our Luggage was weighed. Tea Served oute. wrote Some Administered to Mary Kirk Patrick & Left at aboute 12 o clock A.M. for Elk Horn 11 miles got a little water

[p. 76]

5 miles oute here there was a Deep decent & assent & Several others on the way we Should have Camped on top of the Hill when we reached E. Horn but there where 200 Souldiers there going through to Callifornia & as we did not Like their Society we made a deep decent & Camped near the river as Soon as we got there 4 waggons arrived from Deserett drawn by mules they had Traveled 40 miles to day Br Calkins wife was in the Company. here the muscatoes where very numerious & Scarcley a Soul Slept: & ^all^ where bit very Severely. Some of their Eyes where Closed Up I went on gaurd part of the night at 2 o Clock I went in to the river for a Bathe Several Indians made haste from the Camp when they Saw we where Armed. ["a" CROSSED OUT] Monday [June] the 13th Left at 1/2 5 A.M. for Freemont 16 ^miles^ ["Distance of miles" SCRIBBLED OUT] did not get any water till we reached freemont Farm had much Sand to Travel over after Leaving Elk Horn & one mud hole Some of the Sisters where carred over & others

[p. 77]

had to Take the roughs. the road was very rough & unlevel the most of the way: the Sun very powerful & the Saints panting for Breath when we got to [BLANK] we rested 2 hours Some Laid in the dusty road Like so many oxen & sheep the most of the folk where Hungry having had no Breakfast as the Expected to have got it Early But there was no water or wood till we got to ^Freemont^ farm Left [BLANK] for Freemont 3 miles Had a good place to camp & the most of those who where Exhausted & foot Sore recruited themselves & felt Tollerably well by night Lots of indians enjoying themselves with us this afternoon: in the night the Lightening & Thunder was Terriffick Some raine with it I & Many More Slept Under Our Hand carts Tuesday [June] the 14th Left at nine A.M. for North Bend 14 ^miles^ we had a Labourious Days work Brother Lindsey & Some of his Company where Left Behind Some of mine & Some of Macocks we got very good Water at a house at Freemonts Precint: we picked Up a Sheep on the way & had a fine Time of rejoicing over it it was devided in Our Company

[p. 78]

Wedensday [June] the 15th Left at [BLANK] A.M. for Shell Creeke 10 miles Stuck a Sheep on the way & devided it among our Company rested Several Hours 2 or 3 miles this Side Shell Creeke there is good water at Shell Creek Especially at a House near by good feed for the Cattle: Br John Smith Struck Henry Hartly for insulting Him & Turning his mother oute of the waggon. Hartly Said if he Struck him again he would put a Ball through him in the name of the Lord & cetera. I was Like a coal of fire when I went to Bed Jane was much pained in her Stomach. to night we had Some beens given to us: Thursday the 16th I and Jane are much better a Little rain this morning Traveled to [BLANK] 15 miles Broke a waggon some 2 miles from where we camped Some bretherin where Sent to watch it all night. Friday the 17 Stayed all day to repair the waggon went on gaurd at night. Satturday the 18 Traveled to Cleveland 10 miles Br Browns Company of 60 waggons Camped near to us to night Sunday the 19 Traveled

[p. 79]

to ["J" CROSSED OUT"] Genoa Saw Mill aboute 3 miles from Genoa Broke a waggon at Looking Glass Creeke rested there Some time Some waggons met us 9 Miles off & helped Some of the old & infirm along with Some of their Luggage wile on our way from Looking Glass Creeke there came a Treamendious Thunder Storm which wet us all through to the Skin the H. carts where very hard to draw the Last 5 miles on account of the wet met with Margrett Threlkeld at Looking Glass Creeke She gave me a pice of Corn dodger which was very acceptable. when we got in to camp I chainged my clothes & went with Brother Man to genoa 3 miles & was Compleatley used Up by the Time we arrived Called at Br Joel Johnsons Prest. of the Branch Slept at his house. Monday [June] the 20 Took breakfast with Br Joel. my wife got Breakfast at his house too She informed me that She had Slept in a very unpleasant place where Bugs was crawling aboute & cetera this morning Br Johnson red me Some pices

[p. 80]

of his poetry which was very good. there are at the present in Genoa Some 80 or 90 Families. there is a Bowery in the Town with a publick square of 10 acres the Streets are a good width. potatoes & wheate & other Things grow fine. walked to camp 3 miles went with Br Man To Chop a Tree Through But when we had done it the 4 Oxen could not draw it so we fixed ^up^ a Load of Branchies & Learnt one more lesson in the after we had a meeting opened by prayer by myselfe Sung 2 hymns oh my father & Softly Beams the Sacred dawning. Br George Rooley then Said that there was much Stubbourness Manifested with Some parties when they where Called to go on gaurd. But that he Should See that the Law of the plains was put in force & Such persons Should be Expelled from our Camp & Carry their own provisions & that they may Either go before the company or Behind he said that Unless we where United we never Should get to

[p. 81]

the valley. But if we would do rite Sickness Should Banish from Us & we would become Strong My Selfe Lindsey Maycock & Scroggins Spoke our feelings in favour of what our Captain Said. A Collection was then Taken Up to pay for our Crossing 3 or 4 ferries (Tuesday [June] 21 after Breakfast Struck our Tents walked Some distance to the ferry & Spent the day getting our waggons & Handcarts across: the rope Broke & Lots of the Boys went in naked & fixed it again went up to our ^knees^ in mud & water & for a half a mile had a rough road to camp a greate many Muskeatoes round camp kept the most of them off [ANOTHER "them off" CROSSED OUT] by making good fires. Wedensday the 22 Br Browns Company have rooled off ["at BLANK A.M. we Left for" CROSSED OUT] at 3:00 P.M. L for Loupe Fork a distance of 12 miles it was wet when we got in camp which made it disagreable to the feet Br Browns company & Some bound ^for^ Callifornia Camped Close by to night a Small Bar of Soap was given to Each H Cart to

[p. 82]

Last Through the valley [TOP OF PAGE: "old waggons & carys 35 Hundred. 5 yok to them"] by 5 A.M. the camp was roused & at 1/2 7 we Left for Loupe fork 22 miles Took our Carts Through 5 mudholes Up to our knees got But Little water on the way although there was Boath wood & water at Some distance on the right and our waggons could not conveniently Be Brought through the mud So they camped 4 miles from Us 12 Men where Sent from the camp to their assistance to gaurd the cattle it was a Heavy dew & a cold night I was on gard til 12 P.M. in my wet Things: had to go a Long way for wood Friday 24 June this morning the waggons arrived all Safe: flower & Backon was given oute to last for 10 days a Little Salt Tea & a few oz of Suggar) I Spent most of the day Sewing in the Evening Br Lemmans Company of 16 waggons camped close by us P.M. this morning Cpt Browns Company Left camp we Staid in camp all day by orders of the Capt

[p. 83]

probably to rest ourselves & the oxen. to day the folks are coocking a Heap of Bread to day the folks are well & Looking cheerfull Some few Sick Brother Olpin among the rest: this morning I was Struck Blind & deaf for a few moments by the Sun. (Satturday 25 June Traveled upwards of 20 miles mostly over Sand Banks. we arrived at Sand Bank Just at dark. the Strength of the Saints was ^quite^ exausted with but a few exceptions. Br Lemmons Teeamsters hitched Some of the H. C. on to the waggons. we could get no water Scarcely on the way & But verry Little when we camped. passed Through 5 mud Holes picked up Some Bones with writing on Stating that Capt Heights & Browns copmanys had passed along on Such a date & where all well Sunday 26 June Traveled to Prairee Creek 15 miles a rough road most of the way at our journeys End we had quite a Time in getting our carts over the creeke to day we had a Strong head wind. at night it Sensed

[p. 84]

and commenced to Lighten & Thunder. the Muskatoes are very buissy to night Sucking the Saints Blood oh how the Saints Scold them for making them So restless. I went on gaurd at 3 o clock this morning I was very Tired) Monday the 27 June I went & had a good Bathe in the creek & know it revived me much more than food; Left this forenoon ["for" CROSSED OUT] & Traveled 12 miles Camped at wood river or a point of the Same caught Some fish (had a meeting in the Evening. Brother Rooly gave Some good instructions aboute getting to the valley & working for our winters provisions. Spok aboute going on gaurd the importance of Keeping a Sharp look ^oute^ for th indians: to Speake kind to Each other & not Tread on Each others corns So much) Spoke aboute the captains keeping their H. Carts to gether wile Traveling for if one Stopped it would Throw all behind & cet (Tuesday the 28 of June Traveled Some 16 miles to wood river Settlement the roades where very dusty Some of the Saints where nearly used

[p. 85]

Up for the want of water we passed by Emigration Spring on our way. Stopped & refreshed our Selves for a few minutes. Broke one waggon at a Small creek near wood river that we had to pass over. caught a few fish with Some Crickets.) Wedensday the 29 June Br Rooly got his poney & a nice one it is to day we remained in camp wile the Broken Chains & waggons are repaired. the Sisters are washing most of the Boyes are fishing. there are only a few familys Living here they are well Supplied with water & wood but are ["only" CROSSED OUT] Badly off for Clothing Suggar & cetera. caught Some fish to day. the Bretherin at this Settlement are building us a new Bridge that we might cross over the water in Safety (Thursday 30 Left wood river & Traveled 11 miles to Nebraska Center. camped by a good Spring of water & caught Some fish Friday 1 of July Traveled 18 miles Saw Lots of Buffalo we could have had Several had not men woomen & children frightened

[p. 86]

them away. wile Traveling to day we came across the Best part of a Buffalo killed by the pikes peakers the day before. Some portions of it Stunk being Exposed to the Sun. But many got a good Supper oute of it I enjoyed mine well) camped at the first point of the Plat river we saw the So^u^ldiers camp at Fort Carnie on the opposite Side of the river a poor place for wood Satturday the 2 of July Left at 6 A.M. and Traveled 20 miles camped for Several Hours at Carrion Creeke we found Several good Springs close by also water for the Cattle where we camped at night we obtained wood water & Buffalo chips ["See" or "Su" CROSSED OUT] at night I took the first camp gaurd from 9 till 12 (Sunday the 3 of July Started ^at 5 A.M.^ & Traveled 12 miles met with a band of Indians who where well armed & plenty of Horses. [IN-LINE NOTE: "camped at Buffalo Creek"] they where called Sues & where Expecting the paunees to Battle with them they where quite friendly & Shook Hands with us & went & killed a Buffalo for us & Brought the meet Several miles on their Horses

[p. 87]

& distributed it Among the people I & my wife had Several pounds which was Excelent had an Excelent Testimony meeting in the Evening Some good Testimonys where borne & the Saints rejoiced. 2 of the Indians was at meeting in the night 4 of the Indians came in to our Camp & danced & yelled & made a fearful noise Some of the Bretherin & Sisters where most Terribly Scared & thought the indians where Upon them others where Calm & Sereene: this was only a little of their frollick: they would have Liked to have taken 2 or 3 of our Sisters for wives one of them took a Sisters portraite on a Tin cup) it was Taken in the Same Stile as the Hierroglyphics in the pearl of greate price (Monday the 4 of July Left at 7 A.M. & Traveled 10 or 11 miles & then camped Several Hours to rest ourselves and to Burry an aged Scandinavian Sister which had died in the waggon this morning). we have no water & have come Several miles over Hills & Sand this is rather Trying But All is rite we will Learn expearience which will be good

[p. 88]

for us; there was a waggon Broke down yesterday which detained us considerable, This morning the Indians where Loath to Leave us & followed us Some distance on their Horses & gave Some of the Saints the ropes round their Hoses necks & helped to draw the carts Traveled this day 25 miles & camped by the plat river with a company of pikes peakers they gave us Some milk & cetera to day they have been keeping up the 4 of July. Tuesday the 5 of July Traveled 17 miles got But little water & that was Bad camped by the plat river at night 2 men came Back from the pikes peak camp which was 8 miles a Head of us & Told us they wanted 2 of our girls of cource they had their Journey for nothing; Wedensday the 6 of July Traveled 10 or 11 miles a good portion of it Through Sand & water & mud we had Some hard pulling to get Through my wife found a Tortoise, camped near to the plat river a good Spring of water close by wich was very refreshing. Thurs [BOTTOM OF PAGE: "to day the Breezes are very reviving & takes away a good portion of the heat of the Sun"]

[p. 89]

day the 7 of July did not Leave till 1/2 2 o clock as we had to waite for a waggon being repaired to day the Sun is very powerful Traveled Some 11 miles Through a conciderable deal of Sand it was Hard pulling & at 1/2 8 Some of the Saints complained aboute going 6 miles farther So Capt Rooly Stopped the camp where there was no wood or water this did not Suit Some who desired to go farther to where there was water; Friday morning Soon after 3 A.M. the camp rooled oute & went 6 miles before Breakfast Some few where weak as they had Eat up their provisions. we passed by Several Lovely Boiling Springs & got Some of the Best water we had got on the plains; we had a good deal of Sand to go Through which Tried Some very much Because of much murmuring in the camp Capt Rooly would not Let us go on any further Till a meeting was Called & things put rite; at 5 P.M. meeting commenced by

[p. 90]

Singing & prayer Br Rooly opened his mind Somewhat to the people & then called on the Captians of 10 to Speak their feelings Brother Lindsey Said there had been much grumbling in his company & he hoped it would be put a Stop to; Br Scroggins then Spoke of Some fathers who Snapped at their wives & children all day & in the morning as Soon as they awoke they where at it again he asked them to deal righteously with Each other & be courtious & kind & then their Children would do rite: Br Rooly Spoke aboute persons grumbling Because there was no more Suggar no coffee & that the Teeamsters had as much as they Liked to Eat & others had not: he also Spoke Some Little aboute Some potatoes that he had given him & asked if it was the peoples Buissness what he did with them; & as for the Suggar he Said if Br Cannon had Told them that there was 1/2 pound of Suggar weakly for Each person he had not Seen

[p. 91]

But 3 Baggs & as for coffee he had Seen none & that if the Saints had all the Little nick nacks they wanted that 20 waggons would not have Brought the Articles & he was Shure the monney they had payed would not be Sufficient to furnish those Things; he asked if they did not Expect to meet with a few Trials & have to Sacrifice a few Luxerys on Such a Journey if they did not they would Shurely be disappointed he Said Some had Threttened to Examine the waggons But if they attempted that game he would Horse whip them & cut them off & they Should not Travel in our camp & those who murmured & upset the peace of the camp Should be cut off he Said if the murmuring was not put a Stop to there would be a muteny; he Spoke of persons Steealing Cakes from the Carts from poor woomen he Said they where not Mormons but Hypocrites; Br. Macock Spoke of the murmuring he Said that Some as Soon as they got in to a Sand Hill, they Cursed & Wwore & would Say

[p. 92]

it was not rite for to Bring them in to Such places & that if a Stone was in their way they felt to Curse the God that put it there quite a number of Jentiles where Listning to what was Said Br Rooly Said he would have that that was upright & Just & that was Mormonism & those who could not Live & do rite with us could not Live in Salt Lake for the men there where determined to have the people do rite; he Spoke of the many Slanderous reports Brought against us by one & the other & Said if those arround us understood our True position & would not Set their hearts against the Truth Ten minuits would not Elapse before they came forth & where Baptized: I spoke & said that I had heard none of this grumbling in my Company & if there was it was behind my Back I referred to the Time we where on the Boosom of the greate deep & to the Excelent carracter given us by Captain & Prest Neslen & then asked if they could now give us Such a Character I Said I hoped we

[p. 93]

we would put away from us Every thing contrary to Truth & righteousness murmuring and Every thing Else & then we would go on our way rejoicing & would still have our good character when we got to zion & cetera I also Spoke of the many dissimboded Spirits that followed our Camp & how Liable we where to be overcome if we where not Humble & on the watch Tower; many of the Bretherin Confessed their faults & asked for forgiveness & promised to do Better all where forgiven by the unanimous voice of the people; & meeting Broke Up: to night I went on gaurd. P.M. 7 cans of flower given oute to day a few Beens & Some Biscuits; Satturday the 9th of July Left the river plat at [BLANK] A.M. & Traveled [BLANK] miles then Camped near to a Company of pikes peakers on the Edge of the riv plat for Several Hours: our new acquaintancies Seemed much pleased with us & gave us Lots of milk; to day it is very war^m^ but a fine Breeze roads good: Some of the Boyes are fishing & Some are Enjoying their rest all

[p. 94]

arround us Looks Charming: the Broad Majestic ^river^ with Some Lovely Hills & Trees in the distance is realy charming Sunday [July] the 10 Left at [BLANK] A.M. & Traveled 10 miles & then Camped to get dinner passed Through 2 Creeks had Lots of fun we also Traveled Through Some Sand met a Train of appostates they where filled with & Evil Spirrit & Looked develish one of the nincompoops Said Some things aboute whipping our Captain it was a good job for him that he closed up his mouth or he would have got what paddy gave the drum after dinner Traveled ["6" IN FAINTER INK] miles crossed over [BLANK SPACE] here we where met By a Large Band of Indians Some on fine Horses Some on foot they had a Large Company of the rising Jeneration with them they Let us have a number of mauqasons for old Handkerchiefs flower & cetera quite a number of them Both men and woomen Helped us along Through the Sand they Shook Hands very Heartily with us & Seemed delighted to

[p. 95]

See us they where the Sues; they Showed us the Shallowest part to cross over the water & they did not forget to have a Laugh at our woomen up to their knees in water we had as much as 60 men on watch to night to prevent our Cattle from being Stolen; Monday the 11 of July Left in good Time & Traveled in the bBurning Sun [BLANK] miles over Sand Hills Camped near to Buffalo Creeke. One waggon Broke Tuesday the 12 of July Left rather Late & traveled Some 8 or 10 miles over Large Sand ["I" CROSSED OUT] hills, & very Trying it was to many of the Saints we crossed over 2 or 3 creeks namely [LARGE BLANK] Camped near to the Plat River in good Spirrits But very Tired got good water; the gaurd that was on at 3 A.M. Said they Heard the Shouting of indians & ringing of Bells & thought they had Stampeded Some Cattle Bellonging to the Callifornians Wedensday the 13 of July Left at 7 A.M. & Travelled 8 miles Through heavy sand & Stubble the Sweat ran profusely down their

[p. 96]

face arms and through their dresses I think I never Experienced it So warm before Thursday the 14 of July Traveled Some 15 miles wether Excessively warm & close in passing over Some of the creeks we had to Take off our Shoes & when on the Sand it was So very hot that we could Scarcley indure the heat & concequently where very pleased when we got our Shoes on again this day we had conciderable of Sand to Travel Through & c plenty of musketors to Tickle us up at night Friday the 15th of July Traveled 6 miles ha one or too creeks to pass through & the heaviest Sand Hill we have had to Surmount on the Journey met a Train of Appostates they where very civel with us we also Saw Lots of indians with their Tents attached to their Horses had a heavy Thunder Storm in the afternoon & what fun it was to See the folks rushing to their and carts for protection it continued for Some Length of Time; Sent a few words

[p. 97]

to mother in Sister Lydes [?] Letter; Caught a few fish & repaired our Broken and cart. Musketors rather Troublesom to night we Should have Traveled further But the cattle required rest; one by the name of richins Told me Some of the Cheltenham Saints Lived in the 4 ward: he Seems quite a decent young fellow though returning with appostates be he Sais he is going to bring oute Some of his friends in the States; he Says we Shall find the roads & mountains much more difficult than ^to ascend^ [ANOTHER "than" CROSSED OUT] the Sand Hills have been & that there was Means enough in the P.E.F. [Perpetual Emigration Fund] to Take us through comfortably withoute Breaking our Constitution he Spoke well of S Lake & of the authoritys Satturday the 16 [July] Left Soon after 6 A.M. & pursued our Journey through ^some^ Sand But mostly on a good Hard road pulled our Carts through 1 Big creek Traveled on Some 2 miles to a Spring opposite to where the Mormons used to ford across not far from Ash Hollow to day I found Some Small particles of gold

[p. 98]

which come oute of a well where there was Sand it seems from report that the whole reijon of country round aboute was impregnated with gold if the folks could But find the Big Lumps to day it as been warm But a good Breeze Sturing we have been camping at the Springs Several Hours & Both Cattle & people have had quite a rest; Sister rooly gave me Some potatoes this afternoon wich is very acceptable pickect a Little fat Hen & Boiled it for dinner it was quite a change for the System after having So much dry food Some indians in camp this Afternoon Burges Company going to Callifornia overtook us to day wile in camp at night a cow was Brought in to Camp which was Left By the Callifornians the Camp was detained from Traveling 6 miles on this account Some where displeased. Capt Rooley wanted the Skin for the Oxens feet in the morning the meet was devided among the Saints But it was Scarcley fit to Eat the Scandinavians would not have

[p. 99]

any Sundy the 17 of July Left Early & Traveled 6 miles to quick Sand creek & camped for the day had a good meeting in the Evening the Captains of 10 & Capt Rooly adressed the meeting quite a Lot of Strangers present I Spoke on the first principles; Monday the 18 July Traveled 18 miles went Several miles oute of our road alltogether 21 miles: we where informed that 2 wolves had attacked one of our company Lots of the Boys Shouldered their guns But Soon found oute that it was all an oax at night Br Rooley Spoke aboute So many going for milk to Mr Burgess Camp & hoped for the future none would go But those who where invited; he Spoke to the Shame of the gard who went to Sleep instead of minding their Cattle & Strictly charging them never to do So again; he Spoke Some on Stealing & Grumbling; Said if any where hungry to go to him & he would not Turn them away Empty; went on gaurd till 12 P.M. a heavy Storm of

[p. 100]

rain in the night which wet the most our Things But we Took no hurt: Tuesday the 19 July Traveled till 1 A.M. & camped 2 hours for dinner Some hard pulling today; went in our dinner hour & dug Some Turfs & Turned the water off to catch Some fish But had to move on with the Camp Just as our Experiment was nigh accomplished so of course we Lost the fish; Traveled 18 mile Wedensday the 20 July Travelled Till dinner Time & then had Some flower Served oute Enough for 7 dayes we went to Examine Some ruins & I discovered a Sheep we chaced him to the [c-] ruins & caught him & very exceptable it was too Traveled over Some rough road & made 14 miles camped by the plat river; had Some rain during the night but managed to get our rest had a ["h" CROSSED OUT] and Cart race with the danish & Beat them Thursday the 21 July Traveled 11 or 12 miles Some rough road camped on

[p. 101]

account of Sister Harris being dellivered of a Son his name is [BLANK] Saw Chimney rock on the other Side of the plat Friday the 22 July Traveled 16 miles & camped opposite chimney rock had a good deal of rain in the night Some got wet Satturday the 23 July Left a little after 8 A.M. & Traveled 11 or 12 miles at a desperate rate Br Man was Sick & So was my Wife Sister Bartlett kindly offered her assistance & it was Thankfully received may the Lord Bless her for her Jenerious disposition Br Rooly hurred us on to day when I was doing my Best to keep up this went against the grain rather But all rite Saw [ANOTHER "Saw" CROSSED OUT] Some Lovely Mountains near to Chimney Rock I Like the appearance of them Better than anything I have Seen on the route an indian or two aboute to day quite a number of Pikes peakers passed us on Horse Back to day we continued our Travels & went alltogether 19 or 20 miles Sunday 24 July Traveled 14 miles hard pulling most of the

[p. 102]

way camp stayed for Jarvesis Nephew had it not been for this delay we Should have Traveled farther passed a Train of appostates camped a Little this Side Scots bluffs Some of the boys are Shooting ducks went on gard till 12 o clock the 3 Bretherin Namely Jarves Adams & Lindsey Sent in Search of the young Man returned between 11 & 12 they would have been Lost had we not kept a good fire which they Saw Some miles off the Lad came in before them had a good Testimony Meeting in the Evening Peter Later Said one preventitive against appostasy was to attend to prayers night & morning. rooly Said the Saints never went oute under more favourable Sircumstances & yet there was more grumbling & that he would Like to have Bread till we reached the Vally & that would be more than any other H. C. Company had done Monday 25 July Traveled 20 miles passed an Indian Camp at night H Artley gave me & Jane the priveledge of Sleeping in his

[p. 103]

waggon Tuesday 26 July Left at 1/4 after 7 A.M. Camped a long way from the plat river wether very warm Some few rabbits caught heavy Sand to Travel Through Wedensday 27 Traveled 8 miles Through deep Sand camped opposite fort Larrime 3 Springs of good water close to our camp Thursday 28 July Traveled a few Hundred yards & then Hansons waggon broke down camped near to where the accident appened Some of the boys got a wheel at Larrime to day Thomas Jarvis left Camp & went with Some piks peakers; Some 3 hundred Soldiers left Larrimy to day for S. Lake, in the evening a meeting was held Brother Olpin was removed from the office of Chaplin for not being punctual in calling the Saints to prayers; & John Smith was appointed in Stead; Br. Rooly Said he was asshamed of the grumbling in camp; Saying that Some Said he had a pan full of bacon at Every Meal But he Said he had not eat a pound on the Journey; Some Said

[p. 104]

that the Teeamsters went to the bacon whenever they felt disposed: Cap Rooly Said there as Only 4 weaks provisions & a few days on hand & we where only half way: he Said much of the delema we where in was owing To the grumbling: But Says he rather Than the good Should Suffer he would have a division & those who would do right Should go through & the Others Could do as they pleased: he Spoke of Some visiting appostates & Telling a pittiful Tale to get a little Salt & cetera & Saying they had not enough to eat. he Said if the people did not alter they would fall by the way, Br Scrogings related a dreem Touching the Same thing Friday 28 July Traveled 19 miles Through Sand & the Black Hills Some of the Hills very Steep: Some delightful Sceenery on the way picked Some Cherries goosbrys & Currants One H. Cart upset arrived in Camp Just as it was getting dark camped by a Small Streem I went a Little way from Camp

[p. 105]

& when I came back I was dilighted with the Sublime Sceenery notwithstandin the people where much Tired & fatiged & dark when they camped yet as if done by Magick power all the fires where lit & the camp Sceemed all in a blaze; went on gaurd Till 12 Satturday 30 of July a Lovely morning the gard calls me at 5 A.M. in 15 minuits we have prayers in our Sepperate Companys After which we all go in the Carrell for publick prayer we then Take breakfast & Start on our journey this morning the Spirit of Peace Seems to be Brooding over the whole camp Traveled this day 20 miles rough roads & Lofty mountains to travel over had to double teeams got benighted 5 or 6 Tires came off Camped on the way side where there was neither wood or water the Saints where compleetly exausted; Sunday 3[1] of July Traveled 3 miles to the Springs here we remained Several hours to rest ourselves & get Some Thing to eat under the green wood Shade it is cool & refreshing the water is Lovely there

[p. 106]

is a good Suply of wood but not much feed for cattle there are Some currents here: at middle day we reesumed our Journey & Traveled 19 miles Left George Reed & Richard Mills behind with a H. Cart & one Hundred pounds of flower I desired to go one mile & fetch them in to camp but Cap Rooly Said I had better not or Else I would be left behind went Through deep creek up to our Thys got into Camp at 9 o clock ^called for prayers^ but the people where Tired & hungry & would not come Monday 1 of August went 6 Miles for breakfast camped by plat river 3 of the boys Started back with weapons of defense 20 miles to bring in the H. Cart Left behind this detained us one day the names of those who went back where Mc Tyre Big ben & Squires: the clouds Look Dark & Lowering So we fly to our Tents for Shelter aboute 6 P.M. Br Eldridge Jas young & a Small company of the boys drove into camp & brought us good News Said Cap Neslens Train was 1 hundred miles behind & had Lost 9 oxen Steephens & his

[p. 107]

59 waggons where doing well Nelsen has 51 waggons there is behind 12 waggons of mules & 15 of oxen all doing well; Joseph Young Junior has been passing blood all the way he have came is very weak in boddy: he feels better to day Eldridge & young gave orders for us to have a quarter of a pound more flower per day & then we could do our work; they Said they had Traveled well & where prospering Loosing no oxen Said we had better ford the plat & by So doing Save 15 miles & Miss the Sand Tuesday 2 of Augst M Tyre ben & Squires arrived with the H. Cart where within 3 miles of the camp the night before but could not See the fires as we where in a Hollow: they Said the boys had Turned back with Some appostates & Took Some Clothes belonging to Br Gilbert: to day the camp is resting to recuite ourselves & the oxen Seem very much Strengthened This afternoon a company of 20 & upwards where Sent back in Search of Elizabaeth Watson an old Lady upwards of 60 who was missing from camp

[p. 108]

She had not been Seen in camp Since Sunday 31 of July we Explored The Hills on Either Side for 12 miles then made a fire while a few of the danish boys went further on we found a pair of Shoes 3 ["or" CROSSED OUT] miles from where we camped on the Sunday which the boys declared was hers for they have Seen her wear them hence we came to the conclusion that She had gone back with an appostate Train on the first of August & had left her boots to Tell the Tale. we Sung Some Songs round the fire Br Jones prayed & as Soon as the rest of the boys arrived we ["Lo" CROSSED OUT] Started for Camp 12 miles as Soon as we got Breakfast the camp mooved forward 9 miles camped 1 hour for dinner then Traveled 3 more miles picked Some fine cherries & goosberrys a fine breeze of wind Blowing Thursday 4 of Aug Traveled 8 miles & Camped for dinner went 4 miles & Tryed to ford the river But found it too deep Some of the boys drove the cattle across to feed & remained with them all night. After Supper had a meeting Captains of 10 & Cap

[p. 109]

rooly addressed the meeting to night we had the remainder of our flower Taken oute of our Carts & 7 Cans given us to Last 10 days Friday the 5 August Left a Little before 7 A.M. & Traveled 10 miles over rugged Clifts & Steep Hills Camped for dinner 2 hours then went 9 miles Early in the Morning Sever of the boys where Sent back 9 miles to Look for a Lame ox Satturday 6 Aug in Camp all the forenoon waiting for a lame ox went 1 1/2 miles then Camped by the river to get Some pills from Doc Kearney who made us beleve that the Sand was knee deep & the water for 15 miles we bleved the Lying report & Lost a days march Sunday 7 of Aug Traveled 18 miles much Sand in the forenoon got to a good camp ground & picked Some Nice berrys & had a Splendid Cake for Tea aboute 1 mile to the water Monday 8 of Aug Traveled Some 18 miles Over heavy Sand mountains Camped aboute 1 mile from the Black Bridg [Platte Bridge?] Many of the Saints where foot Sore & Came in the camp very Late Some did not get in Till Morning

[p. 110]

Tuesday 9th of Aug up at 3 A.M. & made a big noise with the rest of the Captains in order to get The people to rouse from their Slumbers & prepare for marching we got off in good Seasonable Time before Starting I went to the river & got a bathe very cold but quite reviving Traveled 17 miles then camped for dinner Left Br Mans Cart & pulled with Br Cooper & Matilda Barrett we had no water on our first march & numbers had nothing Cooked this with the heat of the Sun quite overpowered Them & they became faint & weary at Last we came to water tho not of the best kind for this boon we felt very greatfull, it was with much difficulty that the cattle where brought into camp, Through continued Traveling & want of food They bled at the nose & the dung that passed from them was mingled with blood & matter we Should have gone 10 or 11 miles farther if the cattle could have Stood it as it was we had a good rest repaired my Boots. Wedensday 10 of August Sent 4 Men Back in Search

[p. 111]

of a Scandinavian Brother that had missed his road up at 3 this morning and left for The Springs Some 11 miles or rather 18 got Some water half way but it had Salleratus in found found the Brother that was Lost at the Spring Enjoying himself with Too Indians at this place the water is pure & good; feed for Cattle is Torable plentiful Captain Rooly Spoke for Some Time U Said he would Send back for no more that Strayed by the Way & That we could make the Journey in 16 days from Devils gate to night I repaired my boots 2 indians in Camp to night Thursday 11 of Aug Left at 1/4 before 7 A.M. & Traveled 12 miles here by a Large Streeam of water was an indian village nearly all the Indians came to See us cross the water with our H Carts Camped on the other Side of the water & waited Several hours for the arrival of our Captain Some of these indians have learnt the heart of pilfering biscuits here are 40 cents per pound; by and by Capt


rooly arrived & we pursued our Journey with vigour Till we reached the Sweet water 7 miles from Devils gate we had the moon to guide us & got in Camp at 11 o clock we had much Sand to Travel Through & made upwards of 21 miles Some few did not reach Camp till morning here we had good feed for the cattle Friday 12 of Aug Left for Devils gate 2 or 3 miles of Sand on our way forded the river Saw independance rock on our right the Sweet water runs Through 2 rocks & this is called D. gate it is a greate ["g" CROSSED OUT] curiosity there is Som fish in the river, there is plenty of feed for cattle 2 Stores & cetera it was quite a Treat for us to get to Sweet water after being Deprived of it So long. This afternoon a number of Indians Came in to camp they had been to war with the utas they had with them a number of Scalps of those they had killed 1 wooman prisoner & a child & a number of fine Horses they offered us large pices of Buffalo & antelope for a Small cake


to night I had a pice of antelope given to me by the Store keeper & a pice of Bacon by Sis Harris Some flower by William & 2 pounds by Sister Yeates these things helped us materialy wile we where on Short rations this place is Surrounded by rocks I went on gaurd from 12 Till 3 A.M. in the night 2 of the oxen died & all the flesh was cut off & Eat Eagerly Satturday 13 Aug waited all day for Cap Rooly to return I went on to The top of the rock called devils gate the Sceen was awfully grand gathered a bag of chips & returned home at night Cap rooly returned & Said he would have returned Sooner but the indians had Stolen his poney & he had to go & hunt it up & pay the men who went with him had a dance at night Sunday [August] 14 first thing on waking that Saluted my Ears was Mark Lindsey abusing W. Adams for taking flower oute of Sister Lides bagg & Sister Cooks


Lindsey thretened to thrach him & Turn hi^m^ oute of the camp. But the Evidence was not clear to our Captain & hence he did not leve the Camp he Joined my company and pulled at my cart I found him to be a good young man Stayed in camp most of the day for one thing & another had a meeting in the forenoon Br Scrogings in his remarks Said that as Soon as our Sisters came across any Jentiles they would trim up & enter into conversation with them no matter how obseen their Language was Cap Rooly Said the cause of So much bickering & backbiting was because the Captains indulged in these things to day Sarah Jones of birmingham Stayed behind & got married to a Store keeper & Br Moors Wife left him to go to a Store 4 miles from devils gate this afternoon camp mooved 2 miles Monday [August] 15 Lef at 1/2 past 7 A.M. ["th" CROSSED OUT] traveled 17 miles nearly all Sand


& very hard pulling wind & Sand blowing in our eyes camped at dusk had a Swim to day Sister Elizabeth Watson who had been lost for Several dayes returned to Camp 2 days & nights She had been withoute food her life was preserved by an Indian otherwise a bandit Said they would Slay her, to day Strognel [Struggnell] Left the camp & turned back tuesday 16 Aug Started at 6 A.M. & traveled 1 1/2 hours then camped 2 hours for breakfast Traveled Till 1 o clock through counsiderable Sand & after crossing the Sweet water 3 times camped for dinner at the first crossing Br John Smith & the rest of the family where met by their Br & a waggon with Some provisions these where the first we had met from the valley; hard pulling to day traveled 20 miles nearly all Sand camped by the Sweet water had a Bathe wich quite refreshed me


Wedensday 17 Aug Left at 1/4 before 8 A.M. & Traveled 11 miles Took dinner No water & Sandy road crossed Sweet water once after dinner Traveling 8 or 9 miles mostly Through Sand went for a Bathe which very much refreshed me we had no water Through the whole day till we Camped Thursday 18 Aug Left at 1/2 4 A.M. withoute breakfast & Traveled 6 miles crosed the Sweet water in the [Hansd] climbed 2 very steep Hills which Took nearly all our Strength was gone. Clara Bartlett & my Wife came in to camp quite Late with Sore feet alltogether we traveled 23 miles wood & water close at hand but a hard bed to lay on most of the want of flower Friday 18 Aug left in good Time & Traveled 7 miles to breakfast walkked through the water the first Thing Camped by a nice Streeam of water had a good bathe, had a few Mollases given me by a Store keeper. Traveled to passiffic Spring 14 miles Sister Hibbard


Stayed with a Jentile Many of the Saints are faint worn & weary & comming in hours after the rest with their H. C. much of this weakness is caused through the lack of food Met Some Travelers going to the States. Strong head wind against us at little Sandy Took wether very cold during The night, Sister Bartlet Booth Sister Farrer Stoped Back they where so tired Sister Lyde would not leave Sister Booth Hill as She was & Stayed with her for 24 miles this day we had no water I think a one Horse Trap Should be Sent with the H. C. company to fetch up the Sick & not leave them to the care of Strangers & it was with difficulty they even got in to camp Satturday [August] 20 of my refer above for particulars Sunday 21 left at good Time & Traveled 6 miles to Breakfast we Then Traveled 20 miles crossed One creek Some had no food all day & where very weak & feeble


Camped at Sun down Some few camped 7 miles behind us it was with difficulty that Br Olpin got his wife into camp Took me a Bath in cold water wich did me good. Monday [August] the 21 fine Spent Some Time repairing shoes ["wire" CROSSED OUT] with wire writing Journal & other duties at 1/2 11 A.M. left for green river 13 miles had Some heavy Sand to pull Through I assisted in pulling 3 Carts Through The river; it is a cleear water aboute 3 feet deep very Strong currant Some fish in it my Strength all began ["w" CROSSED OUT] to fail me after the 3 Time of Crossing went 2 1/2 miles To Camp Through heavy Sand old father Shanks was left oute all night & nearly exausted when Brother David found him my wife made Them their breakfast & This was the last meal they Eat together before they departd from this Stage of action, to Day Janes feet are very Sore She can Scarcley get along Tuesday 22


Lots of the folks have nothing to Eat & Some of the Scandinavians have left the camp & will not stay Till Cap Rooly returns he is gone in Search of flower at a Store 5 miles distant Hadkins I am Informed have been begging flower & selling it to The Saints at 15 Cents per pound & the folks are down on him for so doing: The days are very warm but nights very Some who have not a Sufficient quantity of Clothes suffer from the cold nights a few Indians in camp this morning There is Excellent feed here for cattle & lots of Trees which make the Sceenery very pleasing This place is 55 miles from fort bridger to day we have no food & Cap Rooly is compelled to have an ox killed to sattisfy The cravings of The people 1 & a half pound To each person I did not feel like The Same after getting Some food Wedensday 23 Aug Traveled 5 miles took Breakfast by The river Side here Jane Jarvis from the Manchester


conference was seezed with the cramp & died She was 47 years of age we attended to Her Burrial & Traveled Till it was quite Dark we got broke up into 3 companies I have to pull my cart cart myself Jane was So poorly I was quite exausted on the way Till Br Morrell a frenchman from Italy Stoped me & gave me a warm cup of coffee & Some Sugar in it it invigorated my whole system & enabled me to pursue my Journey Till I got to camp we had but one match to lite our fire the wind was very blusterous & we had to act with Some Skill or we Should have got no fire I Saw on my Journey Some fires I went a mile oute of my way to see if it was the camp it was a few of The company that could not catch up with the camp I returned to near aboutes where I left my H Cart & called to The party who Said they would Take charge of it but They had gone on 2 or 3 miles to camp I supposed they had Taken my cart but when I


arrived in Camp I learned they had not concequently I had to go Back Several miles by my selfe Tired & weary as I was for all the boys where to Tired or foot Sore to go back. I Traveled Some 30 miles. A Jentile man came in to camp by the Name of Damsey an Irishman he was informed of our distress for flower & offered to let us have 5 hundred pounds either for money or we could return it in flower by October he also proffered to kill an ox if our Cap wished it. This was the best friend we had met with on the Journey he gave a loaf & 2 Bottles of whisky to some That where hungry & invited Some of to his Tent to Breakfast Thursday the 24 August left early & Traveled 5 miles to Breakfast & Took a good one in M. ["Dem" CROSSED OUT] Damseys Tent with cap Rooly & a few of the Sisters we had for Breakfast Butter new Bread Boild Beef Milk Coffee Suggar this was the best meal I had Eat for many a day he also gave us milk Whisky Suggar Just as his men weighing The flower flower 6 waggons where making for us full drive with provisions Sent by the Prest for us There was bacon flower & onions [?]


a few crackers. These where Truly welcome & blessed visitors here my Dream which I had at devils gate was fulfilled. I dremt that the provisions met us Some distance this Side fort Bridger Some of the Saints expected They would meet us this Side green river but I did not. Several remarked the fullfilment of my Dream after resting a few hours we Traveled 13 miles with a head wind against us it was the worst road I ever Traveled we where Smothered in dust & where glad to get a rest we camped near the river opposite Castle Rock brother Willson was Seen Taking a cake oute of Scroggins cart. ["Some crackers to night they made a nice" CROSSED OUT] to day I had Some Crackers given to me by the Teeamsters, they made a good cake Friday the 25 Aug went for a bathe Spent the forenoon writing journal & Seeining my company Served with flower for 3 Dayes each person getting 4 cans to day we are resting in camp Satturday 26 of Aug Traveled 17 or 18 miles Camped 2


miles from fort Bridger hard pulling Through the Sand had a nice place to camp in The Hollow plenty of water & wood went for a bathe was dangerously Ill in the night with the wind Sunday 28 of Aug Traveled 14 miles up hill a good portion of the way fort Bridger is geting quite a bussy place There are Some 400 Soldiers there & Lots of good houses it is well Suplyed with water & wood Some good Bridges are erected The Soldiers stared to See us So Joval wile pulling our carts Some Little disturbance in Camp to night by a party of Hikory Mormons who camped near to us they had Taken a Little to much whisky & one of their Horses upset one of our Tents. Br Olpins Sun came met his father on Satturday 27 Aug Monday 29 of Aug a fine Morning one old Danish Lady died this morning & was burried at 1/2 8 A.M. after the funeral we Left for bear river 22 miles Took a Little refreshment 4 miles This side


had a hard labourous Days work & one awfull Hill to Climbe dust up to our knees & required much Strength to bring it down Tuesday 30 Aug Traveled 8 miles to yellow Creek wet & a muddy road to travel Just as we got to yellow Creek there was a Steep pice of Bank to descend Some water at the bottom Several H. Carts upset I Saved One Man from being hurt I picked a fine lot of Currants here Soon after we arrived in Camp we where met by John Taylor & F. D. Richards 2 of the 12 it was quite Cheering to know that these bretherin had been Sent by Brigham to See after our wellfair they have with them Some 20 ["waggons" CROSSED OUT] ^oxen^ & waggons & flower to assist the different Companys in to the valley Wedensday 31 of August Br Shanks Died he was nearly 70 years of age & had Compleetly worn himselfe oute pulling his Cart I helped to get pebb


ils to lay on him to prevent the wolves eating him up this morning intelligence was brought to the Camp that Sister Shanks had been eat by the wolves. She also pulled to the Last to the Shame of the young sisters who wrode in their place they where good Saints had been good friends to the Servants of good & the Sad News will fall like a Thunderbolt on the Ears of their friends, Br. Taylor made a Short Speach & Said as it was for Truth we had left our homes to Still keep that in view be humble Keep the commandm of God attend to our prayers & we Should be blest, & not be led away by Seducing Spirits, Told the young Sisters not to be in a Hurry aboute getting Husbands but see who they where going to have or they may be miserable all their Lives he Said there was plenty of places for them as Servants & while in place they could Look oute for Themselves at 11 A.M. we Started for


eccho Cannion 16 miles we have one Steep Hill to Climbe a friend Helped me up the Hill then the remainder was down Hill Thursday the 1 of Sep Left at 11 A.M. after having conciderable rain here we gathered Some beautiful Currants the best we had got on the Journey they where Black red & yellow Camp Traveled 17 miles very wet & uncomfortable I was quite exausted pulling the H. Cart my self all day I was Traveling Some ours after dark Climbed 2 Steep Hills all allone which made greate drops of Sweat rool down me wile Traveling alone I found Morrell up to his knees in water I helped him oute & Traveled Several miles to the End of Eccho Cannion we could not catch up with the camp so we Stayed here for the night a man here who Sold Spirits Took me & Morrell & Fr Pittman in & Baked a cake made some warm coffee & gave it us here we Thought Morrell would have died he was


Seized with Cramp went quite pale & as cold aboute his forehead as death this was from over exertion a man in the house gave him Some Salt & pepper for the Cramp poor Frank was also unwell I was delighted with The wild romantic Sceenery & The rude rocks which presented themselves to view here among these mountains are good places of Defence for the Saints Friday 2 of Sep got our Breakfast & Traveled 27 miles pulling my Cart alone Me & Morrell helped each other along to day had a leg of Beef & Some good milk a cucumber 4 peaches a loaf Some meat & cetera we did not arive in Camp till 11 P.M. had to cross the water 7 Times Carried Morrell & his wife Through 4 waters & then William Kimbal & eph Hanks overtook us & Told an indian lad to put a rope to our Carts & let his mule dragg us up the hill he dragged me Through 3 waters upset me 2 & Morrell 1 the hill being So Slanting I was dragg


for Some distance but not hurt Morrells Cart was upset & Somewhat dammaged I was wet & cold when I arrived in Camp Camp Rooly gave us Som whisky & Suggar which very much revived me the Saints Seemed glad to See me, my wife especially Satturday 3 Sep Crossed over Several creeks & wended our way up the bigg mountain it is very Steep & 5 miles to the top Morrell was my friend to help me up or I dont know how I Should have got my Cart it was as hard to go down the Hill 3 miles as it was to Climbe it dust knee deep had to tie one of the wheels to let the Cart down Baked some Cakes & then went 2 miles to camp Sunday 4 Sep Brothers Benson & Eraustus Snow met us in Camp Br Benson was glad to see me Left a Little before 8 A.M. for the valley 15 miles the Scandinavians helped the English up the Little Mountain & we Them it was a


warm Job the Chain of one of the waggons broke & rooled Some distance down the hill & tiped over we thought Shurley Some of the passengers inside would have been killed but none was hurt wile Traveling fast Through the Cannion Morrell fell & hurt himselfe he was Taken into the waggon & I pulled within 5 miles of the Valley Charles Stephens met me on horse back & Stood Treat had a number of Small Streems to cross Camped on the bench one hour for meeting Br Benson & Snow addressed us & Said when they came here there was not a House to be seen no kind friend to bid them wellcom to their Table & ask them to Eat a Hard winter to live Through perhaps the most Severe the Saints have ever experienced but Little food & Lots of grasshoppers to eat what little They raised; all these things we have not to experience but could go to the homes of our friends & get food to Sustain us & now Sayes Br

[p. 130]

Benson after you get Some warm biscuits & butter dont Turn up your noses as Some have done but continue to Live your religion as you have done & all your expectations Shall be realized & a Thousand Times More he Told us not to hire to anyone till we knew who They where & then we would not be Taken in by Land Sharks; After receiving These Instructions we (Started for the valley all The Horsemen in front we had not gone far before we where met by 2 bands of musick the first Tune I recognized was o ye mountains high where the clear blue Sky arches over the vales of the free & cetera. There was Thousands of Spectators who Seemed pleased to see us we passed ["by" CROSSED OUT] Through many beautiful Streets went by Brighams there was a Large crood on Top of his house Looking at us. Brigham among the rest. I was much delighted

[p. 131]

with the beautiful appearance of the Citty. when we reached the publick Square the bretherin played home Sweet home after being greeted by our friends. Bishop Hardy requested the Lookers on to Leave the camp So that we may get Some refreeshment but it was in vain he intreated the people to go for they would gaze upon us at length the provision was handed oute & such a variety I never Saw There was bread Butter Eggs milk Coffee tea Suggar Boiled Beeff roast beef mutton pork potatoes Cabbage Carriots onions cuccumbers Tomatoes Squash Mush Mellons water do green pees, Kidney beens, and Tarts. & cet. Sister Martin gave me & Jane an invitation to go & Sleep at Their house Monday 5th Sep Took dinner with O Pratt 2 of his wives & my wife afterwards went to See Brother ^Hugh^ Moon Aboute Some Work.


he gave Me work at 1 ^D^ per day & my board My wife he gave 1 & 1/2 in Cash & her board to cook for them. I feel to Thank God for obtaining work so soon) went for a bathe in the warm Sulpher Spring it was very refreshing I went in free of expence to day I saw D. A. Curtis & S. B. Young 2 of my old acquaintances Tuesday 6 Sep went to my Sittuation Wed 7 Sep picked Beens for D. Rogers Thursday 8 Sep half day gathering beens in the afternoon went with Jobe Pingree to see br Doremus & Godfrey. Friday 9th of Sep Sawing wood for the distillery Satturday 10 Sep had orders to Look after some 50 head of piggs besides a number of Cattle I had to feed them & clean them oute (Sunday 11 of Sep fed & Then went to Meeting 2 miles heard Br O Pratt Speak on True repentance & the 10 Commandments a crowded house in the afternoon heard George A Smith


& Eber Talk) Eber Spok on the fammin & Said he Should feed many to their Shame & disgrace he advised the people to lay up their grain Saw T. Russell Monday 12 Sep Looking after Swine & other odd Jobs Tuesday 13 Sep do Wed 14 Sep do Thursday 15 Sep do Fri 16 Sep feeding Swine & whitewashing a room Saturday 17 Sep do Sunday 18 Sep went to meeting. E Snow Spok on the different missions he had performed & Showed how soon he learnt the Languages through the Aid of the Spirit wile others would be years acquiring the Languages Eber called on the choir to sing they Sang an Anthem Lift up ye Everlasting Gates Eber spoke a few minuits & Said all Israel Should be free the congregation responded Amen. went with my Br to E. T. Bensons to dinner & to Joseph Youngs to Tea S. B. Young gave me such a feast of peaches


Spent a few minuits at no 1 ward meeting Monday 19 feeding Swine & moving Lumber had a Thorough wash in cold water Tuesday 20 Sep do Wedensday 21 Sep feeding swine keeping the slop account cutting weeds & c. Thursday 22 Sep feeding swine Friday 23 Sep do Satturday 24 sep wheeling manure & cutting weeds for the piggs Sunday 25 went with W. Adams to see G. Gates at mill creek & was kindly Entertained & fed on the best had some fine apples & peaches Monday 26 sep feeding swine Tuesday 27 Sep do Wed 28 Sep do Thursday 29 Sep Fri 29 Sep Satturday 30 Sep do Sunday 1 of October went to meeting Orson Hyde Showed the nature of a Testimony Told his reason for bearing his Test before Horace Greely in the maner in which he did (Monday 2 of Oct states fare Tuesday 3 Oct fare continued at the Social Hall. I went this Afternoon Saw Lots of home manufactured Cloth,


pans, Leather & cetera 1 squash weighing 130 pounds 1 radish 13 £bs there was a fine assortment of apples pears peaches green [guy es] plumbs grapes a good specimen of wine belonging to Hugh Moon Saw the pistol Sword & Sash worn by Jeneral Joseph Smith Wedensday 5 Oct fare is open for the good of the publick Thursd 6 of October conference comenced Friday 7 Oct I attended meeting Brigham Spoke on Oneness Satturday 8 of October Conference continued Sunday 9 Attended con Brigham Spoke on the object of Mans Exhistance in the afternoon heard Eber Snow & Wooly Speak on the return of the Saints to their homes they said it was the first Time The saints where Ever known to return to their homes after once Leaving them & they Thought it would be the Last Time they would be driven & that Every moove they now made would be to Jackson County Wed Oct 12 Thursday


13 Oct feeding Swine Friday 14 Oct do Satturday 15 Oct Sunday 16 Oct very cold & wet but few at the Tabernacle Br Wallace preached & Exhorted the people to faithfullness in the people to faithfullness in the afternoon D. H. Wells Said he desired the people to go into home manufactory. he said he Liked a Little Spirits in his house for Medicinal purposes but if it was the means of others Sinning he would never Take it at all. he Said if he Suffered his family to mingle with the wicked he would be accountable for it & saw it was his duty to put Every save gaurd round them that was necesary & thus Keep Temptation away Eber wanted to Know why men of welth did not dispose of their means as he & Brigham & D. H. Wells did to bennifit the community


& fetch machinery here instead of Laying it oute in whisky & that which was of no use. he Said They Should build The Temple & cover the ruff with Lead Said this Citty with ["Lead" CROSSED OUT] Iron but the Streets of Jackson County will be Lined ^paved^ with gold he advised the Saints to send for their own goods & not by off the damed Jentiles who would destroy us if they could. he Said they Should dress his vines Clean his boots & Stables if he only Lived his religion & that if this people where living their religion they would not buy off those who saught our distruction he Said we should never be an independant people Till we Learn home Manufacture Monday 17 Oct mixing morter & attending piggs. Tuesday 18 Oct do Wed 19 Oct do in the Evening attend a Supper party at Br Moons Sung Several Songs had a dance & cet


2 violins in attendance it was called a Sewing bee we had good pork pies a variety of cakes & Tarts Thursday 20 Oct Looking after Swine Friday 21 do Satturday 22 do Sunday the 23 Oct went to meeting & heard Samuel Richards daniel Spencer & Eber Preach The latter Spoke on the famine Said there where store Keepers Living in the Citty who where the means of bringing the soldiers on us & the same characters where still seeking our overthrow & yet the saints would continue to buy their goods in the afternoon C.C. Rich & O. Hyde the Latter Told the Saints not to Treat lite the words of B & E for in so doing they where playing with Too Hedged Tools in the Evening went to the ward meeting Monday 24 Oct at my usual imployment in the evening had a splendid supper at Br Moons we had dancing singing & so forth


Tuesday 25 Oct at my usual imployment Wed 26 do cleaned oute the cow pen up to my Knees in mud & dung. Thursday 27 Oct wheeling manure Friday 28 Oct do Satturday 29 Oct do Sunday 31 of Oct went to the Tabernacle & heard John Taylor speake on the first principles spent a plesant afternoon with Neslen & Bond worked all night at the Suggar Mill driving Horses & Hawling cane sent a Letter to Mother Monday 31 Oct at my usual imployment had a good bathe in cold water & worked half the night at the suggar works Tuesday 1 of November serving swine Wed 2 of Nov do Returned my H. Cart Bought a Saw Hammer & Auger for 6 dollars attended seventies meeting br Merser Spoke of the Traditions of the Indies the Jugernaught he showed the External Testimony in favour of the different religions. Joseph Young said there


was only one Testimony which had the assendancy over all others & that was the Holy Spirit which led into Truth which Enlightened mans understanding Mc Allister sung do what is rite & cet Thursday Nov 3 wheeling Lumber Had a bathe in cold water for the good of my health wrote Some to my friends Friday Nov 4 do Satturday do Sunday Nov 6 attended meeting heard Br Cummings preach he said he would see the Soldiers damned & in Hell before he would chop their wood he said if this people had not done things for them which they would not do for themselvs they probably would have been gone by now. he said that the Spirits in the Eternal worlds where waiting for us to do a work for them but that we where doing but Little for them in the afternoon J. V. Lang preached aboute


Spirit Wrapping he Said he had red some hundreds of pages of their books & that he knew more than they did & that it was from the infernal rejions he said they could call up a wicked Spirit to represent who they pleased Joseph Smith or any other person Talk Like them write & cetera but that they could not call Up a righteous man, he spoke some aboute the higher Law & said he Thought the Soldiers had come here for a blessing as well as a curse. John Taylor Then spoke of the higher Law & said the gospel was in Truth a higher Law for it was of ^God & not^ man & if any person felt to walk above the heads of the people & Touch no one who did they interfear with. Monday 7 Nov Looking after Stock Tuesday 8th Nov sharp frost mountains covered with Snow attended a meeeting in the 13 ward school house to hear what certain persons


had to say aboute the conduct of Captain George Rooly I told them I beleved his accusers where not presant. Joseph Young said he was to blame for not keeping his accounts more Strait with this exception he had done well and was exonerated from the charges profered ["Thursday" CROSSED OUT] ^Wedensday^ 9 Novem feeding Stock Thursday 10 Nove do Friday 11 do Satturday 12 Nov 1859 had a hard days work feeding Swin & cleaning them oute Sunday 13 Nov went to meeting & heard John Taylor Speak of the sufferings of Jobe Showing that the Lord permited the devil to afflict him & that it was the Lord that permited the soldiers to come for our Trial in the afternoon heard from James Heart he gave his experience at night I went ["in" CROSSED OUT] ^to^ the 10 ward & [helswort] adressed the company Stating how differint the Saints felt when they where


here to what they did in the old country. he Said if an elder Said God bless you now that it did not go through them with a Thrill as it used to in ["-to" CROSSED OUT] the old country. the reason he assigned was that we saw each others weaknesses more now than we did then. he related a dream which he had. ^he^ Thought he was sent on a mission to the queen to Transact some buisness for this people & how unprepared he felt Through not Studing grammer & other good things & cautioned us to improve our Time & prepare ourselves for future usefulness. he said he was receved with courtecy but felt to mourn that he was not better prepared. Monday 14 Nov serving swine Tuesday 15 Nov do William & Brother Adams caled to see me before Leaving for cash valley I treated them Wednesday 16 Nov Serving Swine in the evening had a party


Thursday 17 Nov at my usual imployment Friday 18 do Saturday 19 do Sunday 12 went to meeting & heard W. G. Mills the poet speak & Br G. D. Watt & erastus Snow in the afternoon Br Watt spoke of things which immediatly concerned us he spok of Beautifying our houses cultivating the soil & making it produce all we want he spoke aboute the rivers being Turned over the parched Land this becomming a fruitful country & that would get us a name & fame among the Nations. he said by Taking pains in these things & having several wives we would so Love our homes that the Jentiles would have hard fighting to get them from us. at night I spoke in the first ward on home manufactures. Showed the priveledges in Zion that there where none Crying for Bread. proved that this was One of the best places on Earth


Monday 21 Nov had a Singing meeting at night Br Willis Teacher made a Little progress Tuesday 22 Nov went to the Lyceum in the 10 ward School house Subject have the Mearchants been a blessing to this community not the affirmative won Wedensday 23 Nov went to Seventies meeting and heard Br George Hollady and Joseph Young Thursday 24 Nov at my usual imployment Friday 25 do Satturday 26 do Sunday 27 Nov One meeting in the Tabernacle Heber Spoke aboute doing to others as we would they Should do unto others he said he never Saw this rule to fail went to ward meeting monday 27 Nov at my usual imployment went to school at night Tuesday 28 wrote some to my friends Wedensday 29 went to the Lyceum in 10 ward Subject does Jellousey prove the existance of Love the negative won Thursday 30 Nov went to school at night Friday 1 ["Sep" CROSSED OUT] ^December^


Lizy Moon had a fine boy went to school at night wrote red & Syphered & spelt Satturday 2 Dec at my usual imployment Sunday 3 December a heavy Snow storm John Taylor Spoke & Showed the easiest way to govern men & woomen with Kindness he of the fable of the boys in the apple Tree the old man first Tryed them by good words then he pelted grass & when good words nor Turfs of grass would fetch them down he Tried what rocks would do. Dined with Jesse L Martin Monday 4 Dec it froze the Slop pump it froze Several degrees colder than it had been known before at my usual imployment went to school in the evening Tuesday 5th December feeding Swine went to the Lyceum in 10 ward at Night Subject discussed had Christianity in its presant form done anything for the furtherance of our principles Wedensday 6 Dec 1859 at my usual imp


loyment greate many sleigh riding to day Thursday 7 Dec went to School Friday 8 at School Satturday 9 Dec 1859 do feeding Took 2 piggs I bought to Br redford to Take Care of for me. Sunday 10 Dec had a good meeting Mond 11 Dec Serving piggs. Tuesday 12 do Wed ["14" CROSSED OUT] 13 do Thursday 14 dec do Friday 15 ["16" CROSSED OUT] Dec do attended School 3 Times during the weak Satturday 16 Dec Sunday 17 wrode with Jane to meeting a Large number presant Brigham Young & John Taylor Spoke Brigham Spoke of the Sufferings of the Saints coming to the Mountains Said that hundreds died for the want of nourishing food. he Said it was prayer Time now Told us to behave ourselves for a Little wile & we would See some thing good & we would all Take supper together. he spoke against Drinking he Said a stop must be put to such Things. Told us if we Saw a failing in our Brother not to make


a fuss or else where was our patience & Long suffering mercy Love & cet. Took dinner at Br Bywaters Spent a very agreable Time with him. Br Chase spoke in the first ward at night Monday 18 Dec feeding Swine Tuesday 19 dec do Wedensday 20 do Thursday 21 Dec Bought 2 pullets for 2 Dollars went to school at night Friday 22 Dec went to school Satturday 23 Dec had a hard days work Cleaning Cow pen pigg pens & cet had a wash in hot water from head to foot at night which revived my Sistem much Sunday 25 ["4" CROSSED OUT] 1859 Christmas Day went to meeting in the forenoon & heard Amasa Liman preach he Told the Bishops that there was a Large field of Enterprise at home for them & the priesthood & it was useless for them to Talk of what they could do abroad if they did not fulfill their calling at home


& where they Saw an honest hearted man or Wooman in our midst to Labour as faithful to Show them the right way as though where in foreign Lands. wile on my way home I ["re" CROSSED OUT] heard the report of a number of pistols But thinking it was some of the Boys keeping up Christmas I went on aboute my buisness until a Bullet Struck me on the Leg & I heard a number wizing by I Looked & Saw 2 men Lot Huntington & All Williams running To ward George Grants & 5 or 6 men pursuing Them & firing at each other Bill Hickman was Shot in the Thigh & Lot Huntington in the Leg Bill Hickman went to George Grants with his party a Knife in one hand & a revolver in the other & demanded the boddy of Lot Huntington George Grant would not Let them have him or go into the house after him Bill was put in a Sleigh & wile getting in he Said I thought I had a few friends


but be damned if I have. it appears that Lot & Bill fell oute in a Salloon Lot gave bill the Lie when the Latter Sprang at the other with his Knife but missed his mark when Lot in Self Defense shot Bill in the Thigh. returned home & Took Some refreshment But missed the roast Beef & Plum pudding I used to get on this occasion in the old country went to the ward meeting & heard the Saints bear Testimony Monday 26 at my usual imployment had an invitation to go to the 11 ward School house & was called upon to sing 2 songs a number of good commic & sentimental songs where sung some good recitaions was repeated. there are Lots of parties throughout the Citty & none seems to enjoy themselves lik this people Tuesday 27 ["Jan" CROSSED OUT"] Dec 1860 [SHOULD READ 1859] at my usual imployment Wedens


do Thursday 29 [Jan" CROSSED OUT] ^Dec^ do Friday 30 do Satturday 30th December Sunday 31 of december heard Br Heber Speake of the disgraceful Shooting affair by Bill Hickman & Lot huntington on the day the Saviour was born. he Said the Elders Should put a Stop to Such proceedings & not wait for Brigham to Jeppardise his Life for ours. he Said what a thing was to see those who had been anointed & who had been in holy places firing at each other he Said Lots had been cut off for getting drunk & many others would be. attended ward meeting. Monday the 1 of January at my usual imployment Tuesday 2 of Jan 1860 do Wedens 3 of Jan do Thursday 4 do Friday 5 of Jan do Satturday 6 Jan do Sunday 7 Jan went to Tabernacle & heard John Taylor. Dined with Br & Sister Lindsey Monday 8 of Jan ["Sowing" CROSSED OUT] Sawing wood with my Brother Tuesday 9 of Jan do Wednesday 10 Jan do


Thurday 11 do Friday 12 do Satturday 13 Jan do Sunday 14 Jan 1860. went to meeting at the Tabernacle & heard John Taylor Speak aboute the priesthood attended ward meeting at night the Bishop Said there was going to be a Sifting Time & if the people would not confess their faults & turn away form them they Should be cut off Monday 15 of Jan at my usual imployment went to School at night. Tuesday Jan 16 1860 do Sister Godfrey & Yeates paid me a visit to day at night went visiting with Br Willis Wedensday 17 Jan ["Sowed" CROSSED OUT] Sawed a very Large Logg went to the night School Thursday 18 Jan wether very severe good Sleighing Sawed a Log through which took us 35 minuits it was 2 feet 3 inches in diamitar. at night went with Br Willis visiting Friday 18 of Jan at my usual imployment went [ANOTHER "went" CROSSED OUT] to School at night Satturday 20 of Jan 1860 at my usual imployment to day Br &


Sister O Neilson called to see Jane went to visit the Saints at night Sunday 21 of Jan went with William Yeates to rock farm & Spent a very agreable Time with Some of my friends at night the Teachers visited Br Moons family Monday 22 Jan Drawing coal from the pit whatched the pit till 12 P.M. got a box 3 feet 5 inch in length 1 foot 7 1/2 in Breadth 1 foot 5 1/4 inch in Depth all complete 9 Dollars Tuesday 23 Jan Bought a Boiler & Baking Kettle for 9 Dollars at 30 cents per £ B. weighed same 34 pounds went to School at night ["Wedensday" CROSSED OUT] ^Tuesday^ 24 Jan Bought a waggon of Moses Demming for 30 Dollars & a washing Tub for 3 1/2 Dol. ["Tuesday" CROSSED OUT] ^Wedensday^ 25 getting potatoes oute of a hole with my Br Will they had aboute a yard of Dirt over Them Thursday 26 Jan 1860 choping wood & wheeling charcoal Friday 27 Jan wheeling charcoal. Satturday 28 cutting wood Sunday 29 went to meeting & heard O. Pratt & Benson speak Brother Pratt confessed that he had written


things in the Seer that was conterary to the feelings of the president & yet he beleved that he was rite & Brigham wrong & that he had also taught Some things of a philosophical nature that was not true & Set up his Standard against Brighams would not yeald his Judgment to that of the prophet & because he did not his mind became Darkened & at times he felt to mourn. he red the revelation in the doctrine & covenants which Sayes excep he are One ye are not mine & then asked the congregation how much oneness there would be if every one set up their ^own^ Standard. where would be the necesity of a head to govern & Lead. he Said he Taught the doctrine that the Gods knew every Thing past presant & in the future & that there was not a Soletary


thing but what they knew & understood brigham Taught the reverse. Namely that there was an eternal State of progression & consequntly they could not know every thing. he O Pratt red the revelation in B. of covenants which says the Lord would reveal his will throug^h^ his Servant the prophet & that the people Should give heed therto. Sayes ye have I ever seen the heavens open & have God reveled to me that he knew all things. No he has not but Sayes he at the time I wrote these things I beleved them to be True from the very Bottom of my heart from the reading of the Scriptures he said he gathered this information. But Says Br Pratt now I see my error I will Labour to Back up our Prophet & those who surround him & the Lord being my helper I will show by my actions that I will do what


I say though Says he I may not be able to carry oute my intentions. But benson Said there was no Such a Thing as a prophet going rong. he repeated an anecdote where the prisoner asked the Judge that supposing he had stolen a horse what the consequence would be he Said he had no rite whatever to Suppose any such a thing then Sayes the prisoner suppose I should Steal an horse. O Sayes the Judge very probable. Benson Said we Should not suppose that a prophet whould go rong. Br Pratt Said that if he had an offering to give it was his duty to be reconciled to the people first & then the offering would be acceptable went to the 2 ward School house & heard a Lecture on faith & belief. One young man who came in with the Soldiers was ordained by the Bishop the bishop Said that


Some might wonder why he did not ordain him to the higher priesthood Seeing he had been in College Studding Languages & was such an intelligent man becaus sayes the bishop I want him to have Booth priesthoods & many Sayes he have cheated themselves oute of the lesser by being in such a hurry to get something which was greate. Monday 30 January 1860 [BLANK] Choping wood Tuesday 31 Jan do Wedensday 1 of Febuary 1860 do 6 Thursday 2 Feb do Friday 3 of Feb do Satturday 4 Feb do. on Friday 3 of Feb paid 14 Dol Tithing Sunday 5 of Feb heard Erastus Snow preach he said if we went to excess in eating it would use us up in Time or Drinking strong drinks & ceter


went to ward meeting the Bishop called on me for 4 songs do what is rite as the Jem that is precious is rare


I Live for those who Love me & O ye mountains high Monday 6 of Feb Sawing wood writing Journal at night Tuesday 7 Feb do Wedens 8 Feb do Thursday 9 of Feb Sawing wood administered to Br Moon for palpitation at the heart wether fine Snow passing away. Friday 10 of Feb at my usual imployment Satturday 11 Feb do Sunday 12 of Feb went to Tabernacle Br O. Hyde Showed the necesity of having our minds centered on the object we prayed for or it would avail us nothing; & not let the mind be on a dozen different things at once But as the captain Said damn it keep her up if the mind is not firm & condenced & properly disciplined it will be Like a Streeam of water inted to drive a mill; it spreads over the land & as lost its strength Orson Pratt Said it was with close application that Newton


made Such greate discoveries, the law of gravitation & cetera because he so Trained his mind that he could dwell for ours on an object: went to ward meeting sevreal of the boys spok; Monday 13 of Feb feeding Swine Tuesday 14 Feb Sawing Stove wood; wrote Some at night Wednesday 15 Feb had a Hollady for the first Time Since I have been in the valley wrode up in the Town & Bought a Shovel for 2 ^D^ & 75 cents one of [Amisis] Make & an owe for 1 - 75 in cash & an earthenware vessel for 50. at [croyns], Thursday Sawing Stove wood Frid 17 Feb do had a visit from the Teachers at night for Saying that Robert reeves & his wife had the Spirit of Appostacy after Br Willis got to know our feelings he whiched to know if we had not better Burry the hatchet and let the Thing drop we answered in the affirmative went afterwards


with brother Willis to visit. to day will ["view" OR SOMETHING CROSSED OUT] [iam] went to see Sister Sarah Yeates aboute Marrying her but she had promised Mr Scot an Irish man that She would have him & was expecting to be married on Satturday 18 of Feb. Satturday 18 of Feb Sawing Wood for the distillery reading Mountaineer & writing at Night Sunday 19 Feb went to the Tabernacle & heard Joseph Youn & John Taylor Preach. Joseph in is remarks said he had no appollogy to make & despised the principle, Said the Elders ought to be asshamed for so doing. he Said he should speak the best he could. but that he did not expect to Say all that the Spirit brought to his mind. he Told us that Napoleon & all those greate Warriors had done no good. but where Looked upon as greate men


by the Children of men Simply because they had been the means of Butchering millions of the human family. when it was in their power to save the people & make them happy but they would not govern their passions. hence Sayes Joseph the man holding the priesthood who will learn to govern his passions will be thought more of than all these blood thirsty characters he Said what a blessing a good Wooman was to a man & that there was nothing on this earth that was so cheering as a Lovley Wooman for she would rouse every faculty within him. & the man that would not fight for Such a wooman was not worthy of her. John Spoke of the picture gallerys in France Said that all the pictures was in memory of greate battles fought & victorys won & that it was one sene of blood


from one end to the other. he incouraged the boys to Live their religion he Said some of them could Lie Sweear & cheat but it was nothing to their credit. the Jentiles could do all that. but Saints should do better. attended ward meeting at night. was called on to Speak & Spoke on the principle of obedienc Monday 20 of Feb Sawing wood Tuesday 21 of Feb do Wedensday 22 Feb do Thursday 23 Feb do was very much fatugued at work Friday 24 Feb do went to Br Barsons Singing School at night went to Claytons in 8 W to get a Saw sharpened. Satturday 25 Feb do P. S. on Tuesday or Thursday Last I received a Letter from Mother full of good news. Sunday 26 Feb went to the Tabernacle & heard James Heart preach he Spoke aboute their being 6 weaks or 2 months electing


a Speaker in the States wanted to know what this people would do if they wer in such a State Orson Pratt Said that brigham desired to have all the hearts & siences Taught & in order That it might be so he would furnish ...... Halls & Teachers free of expense providing the people would furnish Lites. attended ward meeting at night br Nath spoke refered to Josephs words wherin he said that the elders could conquer the world with kindness: & that if a man was quarling with his wife Br or neighbour if one would hold his or her peace there would soon be a Settlement. our singing went off well. Monday 27 of Feb Sawing wood as usual Tuesday 28 Feb Sawing wood; Wedensday 29 Feb Sawing wood Sent a gold chain & ring By Br Lovesey to the Jewlers to see


what the vallue of it was Thursday 1st of March at my usual Imployment; in the forenoon attended fast meeting Br Ellsworth related a dream which a young man had who had been brought up in Mormonism but who was on the virge of of appostacy. he had been to england on a mission & when returning with the rest of the boys to defend his home he dreamt he was on a ship where brigham was & he Thought they where sailing through["t" CROSSED OUT] a dangerous place where there was pices of ships & Sand banks now & then one would enquire of brigham if he Thought they would get to port Bri was calm & Seerene & in no trouble mard his peace the cource the ship was taking Seemed to be hedging up worse & worse & his heart began to sink within & he began to think wether the ship would ever be Saved in the mist of fear


Br. Brigham was all rite: at this time the ship ran on to a sand bank & many Lost heart & thought they would Jump oute & save themselves by [unilby] a good portion of the people made their ["ex" CROSSED OUT] escap; & this young man was aboute to Jump off when he thought it was to far & he made up his mind to Leave when a better opportunity presented at Last the ship got Through the rough sand bank & put off to see the young man asked Brigham if there where not to few to man the ship brigham made answer & Told him ["thou" CROSSED OUT] that those who where on the ship where doubly strong for God was with Them this young man is now waiting for a favourable opportunity to Leave the vally & go to the states that he may escape the Troubles which he thinks will soon come upon the Saints


to night O. Pratt is giving a Lecture in the Social Hall. Friday the 2 of March do Satturday 3 of March do ["S" CROSSED OUT] at night I went to hear a Lecture by Cap Gibson he spoke of the manners & customs of the Mallays their marriage cerrimonys beating their wives with their pocket Handkerchief taking Blood from the cap Left Breast & mingling it with one of the Magistrats & then Drinking it to Show that they where good friends he Spoke of Elephants Living till they where 300 years old of men going to the waters side to restle for ther their wives he spoke of his escape from prison after being sentenced to deatth he showd ["how they cut his lef breast & drew a glass of blood & one of" CROSSED OUT] when a man whishes a wife he hits hir on the back of


the head & stuns her then he carys her away & she is his wife he said there was the most beautiful pearls Diamonds gold coal & cetera he went to america & England & France spoke to them aboute the richness of the soil on those Islands the greate amount of game the minerals & cetera he Tried to prevail on these nations to Send oute a company of men & colonize these places but war being uppermost with Ingland & France they Did not ["Send" CROSSED OUT] Seem to Take the subject in hand & by & by he Though he would come to the Morm & see what they said aboute it Brigham spoke and showed what Sivilaziation was & Said there was none of it to be found among the nations of the Earth & he would not beleve it till he Saw them beat their sword


into plowghs & their Spears into pruning Hooks & Learn war no more seek to make Each other happy & obey the Truth then we would in his opinion begin to see sivilaziation he said this people was the nearest sivilasid of any Sivilation he said was for one people ^to^ do ches another people or nation & that was Sivilation in its present form Sunday 4 Mar visited every house in 3 of the blocks with br Willis then went to meeting Brigham preached said he paid thousands of Dollars a year for work to be done that benifited but little but he did it to make work for the poor man so that he might have bread as well as him selve he said if he had bread he wanted the poor man to have some as well he said we had better feed 9 person if they came


begging than to turn the whole away & perhaps a worthy one in the number that realy needed help he gave much good advice Told us if persons could not see as we see not to turn our backs on them but incourage them & not mind weather they came up to our Standard or no & not cut them off if they where a little too long neither dislocate their Joints to stretch them a Little at night went to ward meeting B. Adams spoke of the high wages B. Moon was giving said he could not give such wages neither was he one of the best pay masters Bish Moon Said Hughs men could not earn the wages paid to them & Said his boys at the farm would not work under 2 dollars because Hugh gave it. B. Hugh Said if the Lord & the bishop would for^give^


him he never would give 2 Dollars a day in the winter Time again to men who comenced at 9 A.M & quit at 1/4 P.M. he Saw I could not earn 2 a day but he was doing it to give me a Start. but Sooner than he would do it again he would give a cow: these Speaches quite upset a number of Bretherin to think that the poor man Should be So disrespectfuly Spoken of Monday 5 of March at my usual imployment Sawing wood for the distillery Tuesday 6th March do went to br Barsons Singing School in the Evening Wedensday 7th March do Thursday 8 Mar do to day an ox was killed went to ^the^ Singing School had a good Time this weak a cradle was finished by Br Theobold wich was [BLANK] Long [BLANK] inches broad & [BLANK] Deep it is quite a Site for a father & atracts the attention of many a Strainger Friday 9


of March do Satturday 10th of March do Sunday 11 of March went to the Tabernacle & administered the Sacrament on the South Side Brother Phineas Spok for a Short Time on various Subjects Brigham follwed he Spok of some men getting it into their heads that they could make perpetual motion & when it was once rivited in nothing could persuade Them oute of it & So it was with some of this people when they got a Thing firmly made up in their minds it could not be beat oute of them he Said many of the Bishops & high priests to did not Judge righteously with the people & Showed favouritism & this was not rite he Said that one would not speak to this one & the other one Simply because he Saw a little failing in them he Told the people to be aware of these things or perhaps they would see these poor dispised ones


go into the kingdom of heaven & They themselves be Shut oute. on Friday Last I Let Joseph France have a gold ring which he vallued at 6 Dol & 4 1/2 in Whisky ["in" CROSSED OUT] towards a yoke of Steers attended ward meeting at night Monday the 12 of Mar hauling manure one of my piggs was Like to die with swolen Leggs I bathed them in warm water & at night with cold water & Salt it is now in a fare way to recover Tuesday 13 of March do Wedensday 14 do Thursday 15 March do Friday 16 March Satturday 17 of March do receved a Letter to day friday from George Coleman ["Satt" CROSSED OUT] Sunday 18 of March adm^in^istered the Sacrement to the Ladies had a speach from John Taylor he related an anicdote aboute the cat and dog quiet they would lay to gether Till their Tails where Tied & Said some men and their wives where the same he spoke


of the plan of Salvation being perfect & no man could overthrow it & that he never Saw or heard of a man who understood the gospell Till it was explained to him Br. F. J. S. Spent a very agreeable afternon with Br. Booth & Wife attended ward meeting at night had some good advice aboute calling people by their proper names and giving to every man his due Monday 19 March had a variety of Jobs to perform Tuesday 20 March digging some Land at 2 Bits per rod hurnt 3 dollar & beat Morris at it Wedensday 21 March up early whashed from Top to Toe then went to get my my Endowments there where 15 woomen present & 13 men Br brigham & Snow Eliza Snow Sister Witney Br Phelps S. Richards Jn Cumings Br Smith S. B. Young D Spry Br Woodruf Jn Lion & Br Stains


My Endowments was Some thing that I think I will never forget wile Life or thought or being Lasts or immortallity indures; Thursday I agreed to empty a pit of potatoes for 4 1/2 Dol Mr Moon Imployed another man to do the Job for 4 dollars So I had no work went up into the citty did a Little buisness then went with Morrell to See the Warm Springs & hot do it is a most astonishing Sight we had a good swim in the warm ones Saw greate quantities of duck on the water went into Brig Blacksmiths Shop it is a very fine one & a number of hands kept to Work brother Jacobson promised to Learn me the watch & clock cleaning Friday the 23 March Sawing wood for the distillary Satturday do


Sunday 25 March went to meeting & heard O Hyde & Brigham Speak the president Said when we Saw our heavenly father that he would fall upon our necks & we on his & kiss each other & we should know him so well that we would wonder why we could not rember more of him he Said the Church was 30 years old on the 6th of April 1860 & it would be aboute the age that Jesus went forth to preach & he thought by the Time it was 40 that we should be crossing the Jordan called to see Br & Sister Sprcat & Br Martin painter also Br Jacobson by the request of the Bishop I preached in the 5 ward Monday the 26 of March Sawing wood Tuesday 27 March do went to the Singing School at night Wedensday 28 March Sawing wood had a Wrastle with my Brother William Thursday 29 March


do Friday 30 March do Satturday 31 March do Sunday 1 of April attended The Tabernacle Monday 2 Ap Sawing wood Tuesday 3 do Wedens 4 Ap do Thursday 5 April Friday 6 April conference commenced Sattur 7 April attended conference & heard some good Testimonys borne Saw Br L. H. Hatch & N. T. Porter Took Tea with Br Hatch at Br Sniders Sunday 8 of Ap conference continued Mon the 9 of April Sawing wood Tues 10 do Wed 11 Ap do Thurs 12 ap Spading my Lot Friday 13 Ap do Satturday 14 do Sunday 15 Ap attended meeting Bish Whooley said he was going on a Temporal mission to the East & knew he should feel the miss of this people Brigham Said a Temporal mission was of as much importance as a


Spiritual one Said he could put B. Wooley in a business that would pay him 10 Times as well as selling raggs behind the counter; but that Br Wooley had got it into his head that nothing would suite him but store keeping & no one could beat it oute; Monday 16 Took up a foundation of a house in the forenoon for 2 Dollars for Br Moon Tuesday 17 Ap working in my garden Wed 18 Ap Do Thurs 19 Ap Do Friday 20 April do Sattur 21 Ap do in the Evening wrode 13 miles to Farmington to see my Steir had a Small party at night at Br Francis Sunday 22 April Took Breakfast Bid the folks good by & went 2 miles where I met with my old president Nathan L Porter Preached in the School house & then rode home


Monday The 23 April Spent The day in the Citty Went to Take a ^farm at^ Farmingtown Staied 2 Weaks But could not get any help So I Left and Came to Cash Valley let My Waggon ^in^ to a Crack in the ground But Soon got helped oute. went a few miles & camped oute in the morning went miles to Hunt my Steers The next Day Traveled within 2 miles of Ogden camped oute with a party of boyes from Richmond Traveled to N. W. Creek the next Day my Steers Brok my yoke going through a slew got a lift in aboute 2 hours from the richmond Boys they had a fight among themselves they whiched to Borrow my ox to help them through But I would not in the next morning I went on foot to Wellsvill to see if there was any Land to give away Slept at Br Maughns found


That Br Maughn was a sun to Father Maughn in the Carlisle Conference Returned home on Satturday Sunday The ^10^ of ^June^ ["1" and "July" CROSSED OUT] Started for cash valley wen we got to Brigham Citty we missed our pigg & I went in search of it & found it wile Traveling Through the canyon our waggon all but upset but through the blessing of God it was preserved got help at the foot of The mountain camped in Box Elder Valley Monday 9th of June proceed on our Journey had not gone far Before we where in a very dangerous position but where soon helped oute got into the valley Just as The president was Bringing his remark to a close Tuesday 12 of June The Prest left Wednesday 13 of June went to Work with robe on a half an acre of grain in the Big field Thursday 14 of June Put some potatoes peas Beans & cetera Friday ^15^ went to plow on


an acre in the [haugh] Bush fild But could not get the oxen Sunday 14 ^17^ of June attended meeting in the bowery was called upon to Preach Br Maughn Said the Time had come when Horse Steeling Should be laid low by ["B" CROSSED OUT] Powder & Ball Monday 15th ^18^ June went to Work on the Water Dict Tuesd 16 ^19^ do Wedensday 17 ^20^ do Thursday 18 ^21^ do Friday 19 ^22^ June Jobing aboute ["Sunday" CROSSED OUT] Satturday 20 ^3^ June do Sunday 24 of June had a citty lot given to me Monday ^25^ worked on the water dict Tuesday 26 June do Wedensday 27 Jun went for Wood Thursday 28 do Frid 29 June do Satturday 30 June Sunday 1 of July ["went for Wood" CROSSED OUT] was to meeting the Sunday before George a Preached had a Tremendious dust gave us Some Excelent advice Monday 2 of July went for wood Tuesday


3 July Broke my waggon Tounge Wedensday 4 of July helped rob to water 5 acres the school children rode to mendon & the Elderly people had a dance at night Sunday the 1 of July a meeting was called & so many horse men called to Look oute for Horse Theives B C Shumway Captain the Bishop Said he would want the Br to attend their crops while they where away Thursday 5 July Fast day fasted The forenoon Friday 6 July hunted all Day for my Cattle found Them to wards night Satturday 7 July work all day for Br Woodhead putting up his house Sunday 8 July went to Teach Sunday School; Br Maugh Spoke of the ancient Isarlites Taking the Disobedent children to the gate of the


& Destroying Them he Said Zion was aboute to be purifyed & asked how it was to be done & cetera Monday 9 July Worked for Br Woodhead attend meeting. The Bishop Said he would give the Bretherin Till the 1 of August to put up Their fencing & Herdsman was elected at 3 Dollars per Day he Said that Lots of people had lost grain through Taking more land than They could manage Tuesday 10 July helped to plaster Br Woodheads house & dug a sellar Took Tea with the Chief of the Bannok Indians Wedensday 11 July helped Br Woodhead to dig his Sellar in the afternoon howd Woodheads potatoes Thursday 12 July went to the Canyon got a Load of poles with much difficulty was nearly parched for the want of


[ANOTHER "want of" CROSSED OUT] water Friday 13 July howed potatoes for the Bishop Satturday 14 July do Sunday 15 July attended meeting morning & afternoon Neil Gardner asked for forgivness for disturbing the meeting friday night [13] fetched home a cow ["Satturday 14 July went for wood Sunday 15 July attended School at 5 A.M. at 10 Br" POSSIBLY CROSSED OUT] Monday 16 July went to pine canyon for house Loggs Br Woodhead went also Tuesday 17 do Br Kolford & Br Woodhead worked for me Wedensday 18 Rooled Loggs it was rather dangerous as others where rooling above me Thursday 19 July howed 1/2 Day for Bishop in the afternoon gave my Land a good watering Friday 20 July went to Canyon & chopped Loggs Satturday 21 Do Sunday 22 July wrote to Br Maughn in England then went to hirrigate 3 acres of wheat from for Frank Gurral made 3 quarters of a Day Monday (23 July went to the canyon & slid down


Some Loggs (Tuesday 24 July news arrived that 5 of our Boys had been Shot by the indians 2 where dead & the rest where Severly wounded) went Through our exercise but had no dance at night (Wedensday the 25 July the cattle where sent north [IN-LINE: "I went on gaurd very wet"] & South & the horses in one Band & herdsmen Sent with them with fire arms. Thursday 26 all the folks in the fort had a thunerd Storm of rain & wind the Lightning was ["Th" CROSSED OUT] Tremendious. Our Bedding was quite wet I thought every minuit the waggon Bed would have been Blowed away Friday 27 went Several miles & put up my field fence 7 rods. the chief of the Indians came to Br Maughn & Said they could not find the Indians who had killed the Boys & if they could they would Bring them & if that did not Suit the


president they ["would" "this" CROSSED OUT] ^did their^ part. Br Maughn Said nothing would Suit him but the Scalps of the murderers) Satturday 28 howed for F. Gunald went on gaurd at nigh took the first watch Sunday 29 July Taught the a portion of the children & attended meeting Br Maughn Spoke of D. W. Richards Said that when they had been Sepperated 4 years & came together again the doctor Told him of a dollar he had ronged him oute of in Buying a pillow which he Thought was feathers But on examination found it was S was down & he Did not feel rite till he had made restitution he Spoke of another brother who was weeping because he flet that he must loose confidence in a Br because he had been ronged & all at once he was caught away Saw the Saviour with a large company of others But said he had not Language to tell it all But the Saviour Looked at him


& told him not to grieve becauser of the doings of men for not one Should enter his kingdom till every rong was rited, he Said Brigham whished his instructions to be red once more & see if they would Take a Lesson from the past (we heard to day that the indians had been Shooting at the gaurd


[- End -]