History of Charles William Hobbs

Charles William Hobbs joined the Church in England in 1851. In 1854 he married Mary Ann Emms and in the year 1862 they set sail for America with four small children. They were on the ocean six weeks, they landed at St. Louis and started across the plains for Utah. They crossed in an ox team and arrived in Salt Lake October 1, 1862. Went directly to Franklin which had just been settled two years. Took part in the Indian troubles of those days. They were both very active in taking care of the soldiers when the Indian battle was fought at Battle Creek near Preston, Idaho.

Mrs. Hobbs helped cook for the soldiers and Brother Hobbs would go with the food for them and kept some of the soldiers whose feet were frozen and were wounded.

They were members of the first choir of Franklin and served as such for many years. Mrs. Hobbs kept a boarding house in Franklin for thirty years.

Mr. Hobbs helped build the roads into the canyons and to make the canals and to stand guard to keep the Indians from stealing their cattle. Mr. Hobbs took up a farm in the Cove and kept it until just before his death. They were both very industrious.

[From a typescript from Vicky Holley; transcribed by Ben Parkinson June 2002, author unknown]

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