Sketch of
Charles William Hobbs and Wife
Mary Ann Eames Hobbs

Written by Rae Hobbs

Charles William Hobbs was born Feb.12, 1833 in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England. While a boy he worked as a clerk. He and his other brothers heard the Mormon Elders preach the gospel in 1851 and joined the church April 15th of that year. He was one of seven children of a widowed mother, his father having died some years before.

Mary Ann Eames Hobbs was born at Cheltenham, England, January 22, 1835. While a girl she worked at making straw hats. She married C. W. Hobbs August 22, 1854. They began to prepare to go to Utah, so in the spring of 1862 they set sail for America, May 1st of that year. They were six weeks on the water. After landing at St. Louis they came right along for Utah. They suffered many hardships crossing the plains. Mrs. Hobbs, being a jovial person always tried to make the most of the company cheerful with her merriment and song, as she and her husband were good singers. They had four small children when they left England. Mrs. Hobbs walked and carried her baby most of the way. They arrived in Salt Lake City October 1, 1862.

They came direct to Franklin, Idaho, where their brother Henry Hobbs lived. It was here they took up the pioneer life incident to those days. Brother Hobbs helped build the roads in the canyon and dig the irrigation ditches. He worked single handed.

Some years later they took up a farm at Cove, Utah. Sister Hobbs labored very hard in caring for her children and helping to make a living. She sewed for other people to help get food for her family. Later she kept a boarding house while her husband took care of the farm. They were both very industrious people. They seen and took part in the Indian trouble of those days.

Mr. & Mrs. Hobbs helped in taking care of the soldiers after they came back from the fight at Battle Creek. Some of the soldiers were sick and had frozen feet and had to be taken care of until they were able to be taken to Salt Lake. They were members of the first choir in Franklin and served for many years.

They were the parents of thirteen children. Twelve grew to manhood and womanhood. Brother Hobbs died Feb. 15, 1913, and sister Hobbs died March 26, 1919 at Franklin, Idaho.

The children were: Mary Ann, Charles Richard, Wilford, Edith Ann, Thomas, Martha Jane, James, Welissa, Winnie, Laurie, Mable, Rose and Myrtle.