Short History of William and Ann Owen Hobbs
by Caroline Hobbs Watterson

Mother was bon in Ashbedelo Younce Moding, Berksire, England. Before she was married she worked as lady's maid to a lady and daughter and stayed with them seven years. They traveled much of the time so she saw a lot of England and France.

William Hobbs was born near Cheltenham, Gloustershire, England. He died when he was 36 years old, with pneumonia. His wife Mary Ann was left with 7 children, five boys and twin girls. who were six weeks old. She had a very hard time supporting her children so the boys began to get a little work, she took in sewing. The boys went with others to the Mormon Church, mostly to make fun but they were astonished with the preaching and they wanted their Mother to go to the next meeting with them. She was convinced it was true so they were all baptized.

Mother's (Mary Ann Hobbs) youngest boy Thomas fell off the bed and hurt his back and after a while she saw he was getting round shoulders. She took him to a doctor he said his spine was hurt and would be humped backed. Mother nearly fainted; he got worse and died at nine years old. Mother had a felon on her finger, the one she wore a thimble on. It got bad for amount 3 months and then the first bone fell out. The Visiting Priest would come around and they would tell her if she would leave that horrible religion they would cloth and care for her children.

She told them she would not as she knew it was true. Apostle Benson was on a mission and he came to Mother and asked her if she would let her 2 boys go on a Mission and he would see that she was sent to the Valley. Mother let them go and they went to the magistrate to get a license to preach and he laughed because they were so young. One was only 16, I think Henry was gone 2 years and rose up a branch of the church and was but in as President But he suffered many hardships. The other boy went and worked for a man. My oldest brother Charles and family came out in 1860 and the rest of us come in 1864, just as the war was over. We had quite a time to get train cars so we rode in cattle cars. I never heard my angel mother complain. We left England in April and got here in September, came in Captain Murdock Mule Company.

Written by Caroline Hobbs Watterson (Kittie)