Ancestors of Mary Ann Emms


32. John Emms


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parish church records, FHL F# 504453 Vol. 41, p. 9-11.

2. LDS extraction printouts. F# 883800,item 12. (see Eams & Emms)

3. FHL F# 91514 & 821018 for data on child #2, Ann.

4. LDS extraction printout, F# 883800, item #2. Note: Mary is the only child
listed on the printout. The others are found in the J.H.Bloom mss.(see #1)

34. Richard Wells


1. Chipping-Campsen, Gloucester, Entland, Church parish records.

LDS Church printouts, FHL F# 1235340, item #7.

2. IGI Family History Library.

36. George Charity

George Charity (1681)


1. FHL I G I, Salt Lake City, UT.

2. Seaton, Rutland, England, Bishop's Transcripts, FHL F# 1234420, item #9.

Note: There is no LDS index printout for this parish register. I don't
know where I got Mary, the wife of George - I probably just guessed.
The registers are missing for the years 1702-6, 1713-18, 1732,and 1765.

44. Richard Keyte


Chipping Campdenm,. Gloucester, England printout, christenings 1617-1812,

p. 207. Batch # C 2621-1.

45. Elizabeth Smith


1. Chipping Campden, Gloucester, Eng., LDS printouts of parish register,

46. Samuel Woodward


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transcripts, HHL F# 504452, #11 for mds.

3. Blockldy, Worcester, Engl., chr., par., recrds., J.Harvey Bloom
transcripts, FHL F# 504474 for bp. of children.

Note: Under the extraction program Samuel was transcribed as Samuel Wordes
instead of Samuel Woodward. To find their sealing date on the IGI look under
Mary Blackwell or Samuel Wordes.

56. Richard Ball


1. Gloucester, Utley, Eng., Parish Register, Christenings, 1722-1755.

58. William Fry

1. England, Wiltshire, Deverill Longbridge, Church Records

2. FHL Film # 1279388 item #19-23 for the marr. of William Fry and Mary
Butcher, 20 Sep 1705. This film is the B.T's.

3. FHL Film # 1279371 item 7, 17 for the birth of the children and the
marriage of William and Mary. This film is the parish register.

4. Deverill Longbridge, Wilts., Eng., Parish Reg., F# 1279371, item #7-17.

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