To: [Ben Parkinson]
Date: Sun, 17 Mar 2002 22:06:41 -0700
Subject: Re: Margaret's history
From: Vicki Jo Hays


Taken form the story of Christian Lewis Hansen and Margaret Mary Ann Dunkley and Family written by Bill Williams- the son of Anna and Howell Williams. " Uncle Mose was the son of William Watterson and Maggie Dunkley. Grandma was married in polygamy and then divorced from Uncle William Watterson, as he was called. many times I went with my mother over to see Aunt Kitty Watterson. Aunt Kitty was Maggies Dunkley's (Margaret Mary Ann Dunkley) mother's twin sister: also the wife of William Watterson. My mother said Aunt Kitty talked grandmother into marrying her husband in polygamy. The church wanted Uncle William to have another wife and Aunt Kitty wanted grandmother to be that wife. "

The story that was passed down from generation to generation was that Margaret Mary Ann Dunkley loved Christian Lewis Hansen, but her Aunt Kitty talked her into marrying William Watterson. My mother says she cried daily after the marriage. Not long after Mose was born the Manifesto was signed and the marriage was dissolved.

Lewis Hansen was so mad when he heard about the marriage that he left town and when to Montana, where he drove stage from Monida to West Yellowstone and on into the park taking people on tours through Yellowstone Park. One day Margaret came home and found Lewis on the front porch. ( this was after the Manifesto and the separation of Margaret and William Watterson) They married Feb 18, 1890 and Mose was born 23 Nov. 1885.

In the stories you will find Margaret Mary Ann Dunkley called Grandma Hansen- Maggie or Margaret.


Vicki Jo